Paraphilia, Uncommon Sexual Fetishes

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A paraphilia is a sexual fetish which is not considered normal.

A paraphilia is a sexual fetish which is not considered normal. There are many different types of paraphilias, some strange, others disturbing.

Abasiophilia is the sexual attraction to people who have impaired mobility. In the novel “The Scarecrow” by author Michael Connelly, the serial killer has Abasiophilia.

Autassassinophilia is being sexually aroused by the risk of being killed.

Biastophilia is the sexual arousal of sexually assaulting an unwilling person, especially a stranger. This paraphilia is considered to be a form of sexual sadism, since the source of arousal comes from the terrified resistance.

Coprophilia is the sexual attraction to feces. The “Cleveland steamer” is a slang term for a type of coprophilia, where someone proceeds to defecate on their partner's chest.

Dacryphilia is a paraphilia in which sexual arousal is produced by tears or sobbing. Most people with Dacryphilia are men.

Erotophonophilia is the sexual arousal of killing another human being. This is also called a lust murder, in which the murder usually happens during sexual intercourse and death is mostly by evisceration and/or mutilation of the genitalia. Someone with Erotophonophilia often also suffer from Anthropophagy( consumption of human blood and/or flesh) and Necrophilia.

Formicophilila is a form of zoophilia. It is when someone becomes sexually aroused from being crawled upon or nibbled on by small insects.

Hybristophilia is the sexual attraction to people who have committed a horrible or gruesome crime. In popular culture, this paraphilia is called the “Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome”.

Katoptronophilia is being sexual aroused by having sexual intercourse in front of mirrors. Some believe that this paraphilia might also be linked to narcissism

Lactaphilia is the sexual attraction to breast feeding. It is a niche genre in pornography, but is frowned upon by many as they link it to incest and children.

Necrophilia is the sexual attraction to corpses. This paraphilia is mostly illegal around the world. Someone caught having sexual relations with a corpse would be charged with misconduct to human remains.

Pedophilia is the sexual attraction to people under the age of 13, like Necrophilia, it is illegal around the world and with good reason.

Pictophilia is also known as pornography addiction. Pornography addiction is defined by the overuse and obsessive dependence of pornographic material.

Sadomasochism is when someone receives sexual pleasure from either giving or receiving pain. Sadism is getting pleasure from inflicting pain, masochism is getting pleasure from receiving pain.

Symphorophilia is the sexual arousal of staging and watching a disaster, like a fire or a traffic accident.

Troilism is the sexual interest in watching one's romantic partner engage in sexual intercourse with a third-party.

Vorarephilia is being sexually aroused by the thought of having your flesh eaten or eating another’s flesh. This fetish is very hard to achieve in real life, so it is more commonly enjoyed through stories, pictures and video games.

Zoophilia is also known as Bestiality. This is the sexual attraction to animals and the practice of sexual intercourse with an animal and a human. This paraphilia is illegal under the animal abuse laws or laws dealing with crimes against nature.

While some paraphilias are really not that bad, many are disturbing and even horrifying. A paraphilia that hurts no one is really not a concern, but one that involves the abuse of others is illegal and the person suffering from it needs profession help immediately.



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