Papa John's vs Pizza Hut vs Papa Murphy's vs Domino's: Which Pizza Ordering Operation is Best?

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Papa John’s is a good bet for those who like garlic sauce and rewards programs. Pizza Hut lets you order dipping sauces directly and it also has an easy reorder system. Papa Murphy’s will work for restaurant patrons who want something different such a

Pizza joints are making it into the modern age now, you have many extra digital options when you’re ordering that you may not have had before. Here are some pizza locations for your perusal so you can decide which ones work best for you.

Papa John’s


Papa John’s is a nation-wide chain that’s famous for their extras that come along with their pizzas. For example, many pizzas come with a container of garlic sauce so you can add this to the pizza if you want to do so.


  • Call Ahead-Many locations allow you to call ahead even for a sit-down experience. That way, the pizza will be ready when you get there in 20 minutes.
  • Garlic Sauce-Each pizza comes with a container of garlic sauce that you can add optionally, or even use for dipping.
  • Easy Phone Interface-If you prefer using phones for calling in an order but still like the website for menus, there’s a prominent button that lets you find the phone number for the store near you right on Papa John’s main page.

Pizza Hut


Pizza Hut has some unique dishes such as stuffed crust with bacon or even grilled cheese. They have mobile accounts and an easy method of reordering your last meal.


  • Bacon Stuffed Crust-One big option at Pizza Hut is to get crusts that have been stuffed with things such as bacon.
  • Easy Reorder Button-If you plan on ordering the same thing over and over again, or you just want a convenient way to get you order from last time going again quickly, Pizza Hut has a “reorder” button right at the top of the site in a big red button.
  • Flavor Menu-If you click on this from the main page, you can a quick access to the basic things you can order here.
  • Dipping Sauces-One issue with other places is that it can be a hassle to get the exact dipping sauce you want. At Pizza Hut, however, this is less of an issue since there’s a dipping sauce link. You can order Ranch or Blue Cheese directly this way.

Papa Murphy’s



  • Auto Location Finder-You can click a popup as soon as you enter the site to allow the site to tell where you are located. This way, it can recommend a restaurant near you.
  • Fresh Ingredients-The site says that it creates the dough fresh every day. It makes mozzarella from 100% whole-milk, and slices all fresh vegetables. The restaurant chain also does 425 degrees for preheating.
  • Signature Pizza “Cowboy’-The Cowboy is made of red sauce, Italian sausage, mushrooms, Pepperoni, Olives, herbs and cheese all blended together for a more Italian feel.
  • Large Pizza Variety-You can definitely find a wide variety of Pizzas here from the Chicago-style Stuffed, to Papa’s Favorite with green beef and mushrooms, to Pepperoni with mustard, and more.
  • Clear Illustrative Interface-One unique feature you have right from the main page on Papa Murphy’s is clicking around a pizza wheel. One of the slices on the wheel will be brought up, so you can see what it looks like while information about the Pizza is displayed on the right. This includes the Angus Steak Pizza, the Chicken Garlic Pizza, and the 5-Meat stuffed.

Domino’s Pizza

Domino’s has more than just pizza available with desserts like marbled brownies there. They also have oven-baked sandwiches as well. Features at the site include “Piece of the Pie Rewards”, a Pizza profiler, and “Dominos Anywhere” apps that fit on a wide variety of devices.


  • Dominos Anywhere for Any Device-You can order Dominos on a wide number of devices including in your Car, on your smart watch, on your smart TV and with Amazon Echo.
  • Order with Text-You can actually order pizza from Domino’s just by texting a pizza emoji or the phrase “easy order” to the given number. This does require you to have the easy order set up with Domino’s, however.  
  • Other Order Options-You can order with Domino’s “zero click” app which automatically orders your easy order pizza within ten seconds of opening the app. You can also order through Messenger or even by tweeting the right account as well. There’s an option on the Domino’s app that lets you just say “I want my easy order,” and this will also order for you. It’s possible to do this through your car or Echo as well.

Head to Head


Papa John’s has deals including 2 medium pizzas with toppings for $7 each.

The Create Your Own pizza is around $11 at Pizza Hut, as an example of their pricing. They also have deals such as 2 medium pizzas for $7 each.

Prices at Papa Murphy’s will include their $10 Tuesdays which is for any large pizza.

Domino’s Pizza lets you order 2 or more dishes from a wide selection for $6 each. This includes 2-topping pizzas, pastas, marbled cookie brownies and others like oven-baked sandwiches.

Prices change all the time as do specials, so check for current prices and specials.


Papa John’s goes down sometimes for scheduled maintenance, though if this happens and you get this page, you can click on the green “order by phone” button in green to go that way instead. There’s also a point system that lets you get 1 point for each $8 you spend online. You can use points to get free food like pizzas or sides eventually.

Pizza Hut has a lot of variety in its food including chocolate chip cookies and fudge squares from Hershey’s, bread sticks, Tuscani pasta, stuffed garlic knots, and others like a four pack of soft drinks. There are options like a reorder button, the ability to individually request dipping sauces, and more.

Papa Murphy’s has quite a few unique pizza choices like their Chicken Bacon pizza that has creamy garlic sauce, Chicken, Bacon, Parmesan, and herbs. They have choices you won’t find as often in other places either, such as their Angus Steak Pizza. This is a good place to go if you like being adventurous and trying out some unusual dishes.

Domino’s goes out of its way to make ordering through them as easy as possible since you can set up an “easy order” and then use many different ways to order it. You can order oven-baked sandwiches, cake, pasta, and salad as well as pizzas.