Pandawill vs AliExpress vs BangGood: Chinese Wholesale Sites Compared

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Pandawill tends to have better deals for those who are seeking to buy huge numbers of things in a true wholesale fashion. Aliexpress has a killer affiliate program for people who want to get involved that way. This is because Aliexpress has entire teams t

Chinese Wholesale: Where’s the Best Deal?

If you want to succeed in business, especially on the Internet, the key is to get the cheapest price for big orders.  That’s where the real savings are, and there are some Chinese wholesaler sites out there that will really help you get quality items for cheap. The question is, which one is best for your purposes? And even if you aren’t interested in wholesale prices, that is buying many multiple of one product at once, many Chinese Wholesale sites just have cheaper products period, even for consumers who just want one. Chinese wholesalers often have products just like those in the U.S. but for far cheaper due to being knock offs.


Pandawill has more than 30,000 products, and local Russian warranty. The site offers products from just about every imaginable category including outdoor sports, mobile phone, tablet PC, car electronics, Fashion, computers and laptops, and more.


-Warranties up to a Year or More

-Free Worldwide Shipping

-Live Chat 24 Hours Weekdays

-Save up to $100 or More buying wholesale

-20 Different Currencies Accepted

-4 Different Languages

-Paypal Buyer Protection Approved

-Earn Points for Logging in to Save

-Web Money Accepted


Aliexpress has a thriving wholesale service that comes complete with affiliate programs that many top sellers make 30,000 USD or more on. They frequently offer 10 percent off deals, as well as the dollar deals of the day.


-6 Month Warranty on All Items

-25 Day Delivery Guarantee

-“Dollar Deals” with Free Shipping

-Free $5 Coupon for Signing Up

-Android and iPhone Apps Available

-Affiliate Program Available: Sellers make over 30,000 USD per month.

-Many Different Sellers

Bang Good is one of the biggest e-commerce sites in China. They offer products in the range of over 30,000 much like some of the other sites. The company offers an additional “drop ship” program which focuses on partnering with retailers in a different way than many other wholesalers.


-“Dropship” Program- This basically makes Bang Good into a shipper for a retailer. They will handle all of the product side of the business, and give the retailer up to a 10 percent discount.

-Refer a Friend Program- Earn $3 or every friend you get to spend $20 or more on Bang Good.

-5 Currencies Accepted

-Live Chat Offered

-Multitude of Rare Parts: Bang Good has many parts available for many different products as well. For example, there are RC helicopter parts for just about any helicopter you might want available. This allows you to repair many RC products that you’d have to just purchase totally new otherwise.

Which Is Best for Me?

As an example, here’s Pandawill versus Aliexpress when it comes to a particular smartphone. Bang Good didn’t have the smart phone available.

PANDAWILL- WG9500 Smartphone MTK6589 (for 1)-$168.99 “Happy Price” Sale

                                                               (for 501+)-$135.17

ALIEXPRESS-WG9500 Price-$166.99 (for 1)

BangGood had products in many different fields instead.

From this we can draw conclusions such as-

Bulk Buying-Pandawill is best for long term retailers who want to buy in huge bulk since they have the discounts on large volume and the free shipping.

Random Deals- It’s good to keep an eye out on Aliexpress deals since they come often, especially the dollar deals, and you can save a lot that way if you jump on board.

Unique Parts- Many reviews online have people raving about finding rare parts on BangGood, especially in the remote control vehicles department.

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