Palouse Falls is a Beautiful Waterfall Tourist Attraction in Washington

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Palouse Falls is a beautiful 200 foot high waterfall tourist attraction located in Washington.

Palouse Falls is a beautiful waterfall tourist attraction located in Palouse Falls State Park in southeastern Washington. Palouse Falls drops some 200 total feet along the Palouse River over a basalt cliff into the beautiful 377 foot high Palouse River Canyon that was formed over time by the river. The main drop at Palouse Falls is roughly 180 feet high with a smaller 20 foot drop located just above the main drop.

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Palouse Falls State Park is located at the end of Palouse Falls Road off Route 261 about 17 miles southeast of the town of Washtucna, Washington. The park has a quarter-mile hiking trail that offers spectacular views of Palouse Falls including an observation shelter as well as historical displays. Overnight camping is also available in the park. There are some motels and lodges in the area also especially north of the falls as one heads towards Interstate 90.

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In April of 2009 daredevil Tyler Brandt went over Palouse Falls in a kayak in what he claims is the world record for the highest waterfall kayak run at 186 feet. It took Brandt all of flour seconds to plunge down Palouse Falls into the pool below and he suffered only minor injuries from the stunt. Video of Brandt going over Palouse Falls was carried on the Sports Illustrated website for a time but is no longer available there but can be seen on YouTube. On the video one can see Brandt going over Palouse Falls from the top and front but he is soon lost from view in the falls and does not emerge again until about 10 seconds later at the bottom right of the falls with a broken paddle.

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Palouse Falls is a great sight anytime of the year but is especially spectacular during the spring runoff or after periods of heavy rain. The area around the falls is typically dry and arid and Palouse Falls creates a magnificent contrast as it plunges into the basalt Palouse River Canyon.

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Both Palouse Falls and the Palouse River Canyon are reminiscent of waterfalls and canyons that can be found in Iceland.

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Palouse Falls is a great waterfall tourist attraction located in the state of Washington.

Image Source by davidjlee

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Posted on Oct 24, 2010
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Posted on Oct 24, 2010