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Pain Relief Shoe Stores: Gravity Defyer, Footsmart & Coward Shoes

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Comfort shoe sites offer comfortable shoes, socks, and foot care products to relieve foot problems.  Browse the selections of dress shoes, casual shoes, sandals and orthopedic shoes.  Get information about foot conditions, solutions and treat

The need for shoes arose when primitive man rose from all fours to walk upright on two legs.  This new way of ambulation came with consequences.  He found himself stepping on jagged rocks and other rough turf that hurt his feet.  Realizing he needed to protect his feet, he created soles from animal hides and then attached grasses, hides or bark to protect the upper foot and hold the crude shoe to the foot itself.  So if the early shoe evolved out of protection for the feet, it would make sense that comfort came next.  Sensible men ignored high-fashion couture when it came to their feet.  But chic, crazy-fashion-fad women embraced the high heel with its pointed toe and six-inch heel.  High-heeled frenzy continues, everstrong to this day.  So many women today suffer from serious foot-pain problems and deformities.  These three shoe sites are right on target to address this issue. 

Gravity Defyer Shoes comes on somewhat strong and intimidating with technical, newly-created, trademarked words which can be both distracting and annoying to a casual shopper browsing for comfortable shoes.  FootSmart uses a more subtle approach to make its way into one's heart and home, but the antiquated catalog-advertising technique belongs in catalogs and not in cyberspace.  FootSmart offers a well-thought-out marketing concept to a buyer, but it needs some savvy technology in displaying the item on the webpage to make it more interesting.  Coward Shoes needs to study James Coward's original philosophy and his entrepreneurial rags-to-riches story.  It should overhaul its inventory by getting rid of the crayon-colored, vinyl shoes.  This will gain respect and devote more attention to its current, high-quality lines.  Although FootSmart's home page captivates the casual shoe shopper, better display technology is needed on its other pages to make a shopper thoroughly enjoy the experience of buying a new pair of comfortable shoes via cyberspace.   

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Posted on Feb 6, 2012

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