Ovipauz-L A Safe & Secure Method of Contraception

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Ovipauz-L is an oral contraceptive pill. It is a safe, easy and effective contraceptive for women, who want to delay her first pregnancy, or want to make space between the children.

Ovipauz-L is an oral contraceptive pill. It is a safe, easy and effective contraceptive for women, who want to delay her first pregnancy, or want to make space between the children. It is manufactured by MANEESH PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. Ovipauz-L is available in the pack, containing 21 tablets. Every tablet contains hormones, which prevents pregnancy.


Every tablet of Ovipauz-L has:

Levonorgestrel IP 0.15 mg

Ethinyl oestradiol IP 0.03 mg

How Ovipauz-L Works?

Ovipauz-L works by suppressing the release of the ovum (egg cell) from the ovaries.

Therapeutic Indications

OVIPAUZ-L is help to the women in the following ways:

It increases regularity of menstrual cycle

It reduces menstrual blood loss with occurrence of the iron-deficiency anemia

It reduces happening of dysmenorrhea

It reduces occurrence of the functional ovarian cysts

It lessens the probability of the ectopic pregnancy

It lessens threat of fibrocystic and fibro adenomas syndrome of breast

It lessens chances of acute pelvic seditious disease


Ovipauz-L is having these contra-indications:

Abnormal genital bleeding (Undiagnosed)

Carcinoma of endometrium or other suspected or known estrogen-dependent neoplasia

Chief surgery, having prolonged immobilization

Cholestatic jaundice during pregnancy or jaundice, because of prior pill use

Coronary artery disease or Cereberovascular disease

Diabetes with vascular association

Headaches, having focal neurological symptoms

Hepatic carcinomas or adenomas or the active liver disease, providing liver function is not normal

Hypersensitivity to some of the ingredients

Individuals more than age of 65 years


Period before menarche

Pregnancy testing through inducing withdrawal bleeding

Record of thromboembolic disorders or deep vein thrombophlebitis

Suspected or known carcinoma of breast or individual breast cancer history

Suspected or known or pregnancy

Thromboembolic or thrombophlebitis disorders

Thrombogenic rhythm disorders

Thrombogenic valvulopathies

Uncontrolled hypertension


OVIPAUZ-L needs to be used with care in women having cardiovascular disease threat factors like, hypertension, hyperlipidemias, diabetes, and elderly obesity.

It is also need to be given carefully in depression, porphyria, gall bladder disease, and migraine. OVIPAUZ-L should be given with care in diarrhea or vomiting as it can reduce absorption resulting in reduced concentrations of ingredients.

Adverse Reactions

Oral contraceptives like, Ovipauz-L may cause thrombotic and thromboembolic disorders as well as other vascular problems, hepatic neoplasia, carcinoma of breasts and reproductive organs, gallbladder disease, ocular lesions, lipid and carbohydrate effects, headache and elevated blood pressure.

It may also cause breast changes, menstrual disturbances, hypersensitivity reactions, skin lesions, hair changes, libido changes, gastrointestinal symptoms, temporary infertility, appetite deviation, deepening of the corneal curvature, liver or renal dysfunction, edema or fluid retention, nervousness, exacerbation of porphyria, and mood changes including the depression.

Drug Interactions

Ovipauz-L, if given in the combination with anticonvulsants, antibiotics, and other drugs, which increase metabolism of the contraceptives, should be given with necessary precautions, or it might result in the breakthrough bleeding. The efficacy and safety of Ovipauz-L can be affected with co-administrations like anti-HIV protease inhibitors.

Rise in plasma concentrations, because of oral contraceptives, may occur in case the Ovipauz-L is taken with ascorbic acid, acetaminophen, or CYP 3A4 inhibitors like itraconazole, indinavir, fluconazole, ketoconazole, and troleandomycin. In contrast, associated intake of Ovipauz-L, having prednisolone, cyclosporin, or other corticosteroids, may enhance the blood concentrations. The oral contraceptives like Ovipauz-L may decrease the serum levels of salicylic acid, temazepam, clofibric acid and morphine in case both taken together.

Recommended Dosage

One Ovipauz-L tablet daily for 21 successive days at same time every day is recommended. Therapy with Ovipauz-L needs to be commenced from day one of the menstrual cycle or first day of the menstrual bleeding. If patient is switching from one oral contraceptive regimen to another, she should wait until 7 days before starting the Ovipauz-L.

To get maximum efficacy out of the Ovipauz-L, it needs to be taken as directed with intervals not more than 24 hours. A withdrawal bleed can start generally after 2-3 days following the last Ovipauz-L tablet taken, and can not have ended before next pack is on track. Further, if breakthrough bleeding or spotting occurs during treatment period, routine recommended dose of Ovipauz-L must continue.

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