Outdoor Furniture Makes Life Easier For The Disabled

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Backyard entertainment is a popular activity for homeowners. However, those who are disabled or have other mobility issues may have a difficult time. There is outdoor furniture that is not only wheelchair accessable, but designed to fit the needs of thos

Spending times outdoors is something to be enjoyed by everyone. The backyard has become a centerpiece for family activities, parties and entertaining other guests. When remodeling, some families may need to consider disabled family members or friends who may frequent their home. Decks and patios will certainly need to be ADA compliant to make room for a wheelchair. In the event young person, who is still growing, it may be wise to prepare for wider wheelchairs as they grow into adults.

Outdoor Wheelchair Ramps

You certainly need ADA information before contacting a contractor. You also need to check your local building codes as well. Your contractor will have to build a ramp, deck, porch, or other structures that will pass local building codes first, ADA compliance comes second. An ADA experienced contractor will advise you of any ADA issues. You may also want to inquire about portable ramps, and other metal ramps before going into the expense of a wood or concrete ramp. Another option is an electrical ramp which works like an elevator for a wheelchair and one other person to accompany them.

Outdoor Garden Design For Disabled

While preparing for decks or ramps to be built, you will also want to consider the outdoor garden furniture that you would like to make your guests and family comfortable, yet will fit into your backyard decor and theme. There are numerous ideas for patio and deck furniture as well as accessories and lighting. However, if one is confined to a wheelchair or has other mobility issues, you may want to consider outdoor garden furniture which is designed especially for wheelchairs and others who may not be able to use the same furniture which is typically seen in the backyard.

Outdoor Furniture Seating

Often outdoor garden furniture seating is too hard for those with disabilities or even severe back problems. Skin damage is always a threat to those who cannot stay in one position for a long period of time. Specialized cushions will work for indoor as well as outdoor furniture, as well as wheelchairs, unless another specialized cushion as been recommended by your physician or therapist. The full chair cushions provide cushioning for the back, seat and arms. They are made from polyester which may cause excessive skin wetness if sat on for a long period of time. Repositioning for those who are immobile is always important.

Outdoor Garden Tables For Disabled

Picnic tables are always a must. Most have benches which do not permit those who are in wheelchairs to use them. Outdoor garden and picnic tables for the disabled allow room for a wheelchair. Other designs include cutout seating rather than the traditional benches which not only allow those with mobility problems, but also provide wheelchair accessible space as well. The prices vary depending on the size and material used for construction upward to over $1000.

It is not impossible for those in wheelchairs to enjoy outdoor life and to be able to participate in family functions whether it be at home or on vacation. In addition to wheelchair accessible furniture there is adaptable dinnerware, utensils, and drinking containers which will also make life easier for the disabled.


Linda Smith
Posted on Dec 6, 2011
Posted on Dec 6, 2011