Out of Body Experiences: How to Achieve Astral Projection

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Astral projection, (linked with out of body experiences), is a phenomena which has fascinated mankind throughout the centuries. Learn how to achieve astral projection and gain control of your experience more readily.

OBE’s, or ‘out of body experiences,’ have been talked about throughout history. This phenomenon is also referred to as ‘astral travel,’ or ‘astral projection.’ Some people distinguish differences between the two however, saying that OBE's occur due to near death experiences, where-as astral travel does not. The chances are though, that they are indeed linked. The Egyptians were thought to be accomplished in the art of leaving their body, and they even had a word, ‘Kha,’ for the process. Apparently they used plants to help them achieve their aim, as did shamans in later years.

Like-wise the idea of people travelling on broomsticks, ‘witches,’ possibly stems from a similar theme, as so called witches often reported anointing themselves or their brooms with special oils before flying. The thought now is that they didn’t physically fly, but perhaps used a plant agent which helped them achieve an OBE, or at least the sensation of astral projection.

Today many people state that they experience out of body experiences randomly on occasion. Many seek to understand how to control their experiences and have them at whim, rather than waiting for them to occur naturally.

There are several ideas about why some people seem to have OBE’s and how they can make the phenomena happen more often. It’s been suggested that enlightenment is one reason OBE’s may occur and that by actively seeking to open their ‘third eye,’ individuals are more likely to be able to practice astral projection frequently.

The move towards spiritual enlightenment doesn’t always accompany astral projection, but it’s thought that even when not actively seeking to create an OBE the spirit acts upon an individuals advancement.

There are several suggestions you may make use of if you wish to attempt to master astral projection to help you on your way:

Try to free yourself from stress

Concentrate on abundance

Focus on being positive

You may also try an exercise which can help to open your third eye, sometimes referred to as an ‘inner eye,’ as it’s spiritual in nature rather than physical.


Chakra work

Individuals who claim to be able to have OBE’s often report that they tend to be laying on their back when the phenomena occurs, and that they become attuned to an inner sound, much like buzzing.

Other people however, state that they don’t recognize that laying in any particular manner makes a difference, and that they experience astral projection when laying on their side and hear no odd sounds.

One exercise which may help you is to wait until you are in a deeply relaxed state in bed and then place your tongue flat on the roof of your mouth. Press but don’t strain. After a second or two place your forefinger between your eyebrows at the bridge of your nose, or very slightly above. You’ll know when you have your finger in the correct position as your breathing will become easier. (The exercise is also great for relieving a stuffy nose!) Press on this point, but again don’t strain, for about twenty seconds while breathing deeply, slowly and evenly. Then release the pressure point and then relax your tongue.

Some people believe that astral projection allows you to visit other realms of space and consciousness. They also think that during a projection you can visit different time zones or dimensions.

Here's a video to explain more about astral travel/projection.


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