Osteopath Explains: How Long Does It Take for a Bone to Heal?

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Broken bones take time to heal. Depending on the type of bone that you broke, your age and how you broke your bone, it would take between three to twenty-four weeks for your broken bone to heal.

Broken bones take time to heal. Depending on the type of bone that you broke, your age and how you broke your bone, it would take between three to twenty-four weeks for your broken bone to heal.

What is Osteopathy and Bone         

Osteopathy is an alternative medicine that takes on a holistic approach. Osteopathy is a form of therapy that deals with the manipulation of the musculoskeletal system (interconnected bones, muscle and nerves that make up our body structure) to treat certain symptoms. Osteopaths believe that a healthy body is one whose body structure functions well.

Osteopaths believe that the diagnosis and treatment of a lot of our body disorders depend on our bones and muscles. Osteopathic treatments do not involve surgery and medication. Instead, osteopaths make use of their hands to determine problem areas in our body. Treatment is through massaging to move appropriate parts of our body to improve body circulation to reduce any form of swelling and pain that will eventually bring back normal body movement.

Explain Human body structure as seen by Osteopath         

Osteopath focuses on structure and function. It recognizes the significance of our body structure, which includes our muscles, bones and nerves, to our entire body. Osteopath thrives on the belief that a healthy body is one that has a well functioning body structure. In diagnosing and treating body disorders they always take into consideration the condition of our bones and muscles.

Osteopath acknowledges that our body structure can sometimes not function well leading to certain pains and injuries. When this happens, our body structure is revitalized to function well again through manipulative techniques.

How long does it take for a bone to heal?

When a bone in our body is not functioning well it means it has been injured or misaligned.  A fractured bone sometimes heals itself because it forms new tissues and blood vessels. On severe cases though, a cast is needed for the bone injury to heal. An injured leg takes the longest to heal. Since our legs support the weight of entire body, they have to be sturdy enough before we start using them again.

The healing time of a broken bone depends on which part of the body the bone is located and whether surgery was required to correct the injured bone. A bone corrected by surgery takes more time to heal. If you drink alcohol and smoke, a broken bone will also take longer to heal. If your broken bone needs to be in a cast, these are the estimated time it would heal.

Collar Bone                 :  3-8 weeks

Toes                             :  3 weeks

Foot                             :  3-12 weeks

Ribs                             :  4 weeks

Upper Arms                :  4-10 weeks

Wrist                           :  4-12 weeks

Fingers                        :  4-6 weeks

Pelvis                           :  4-6 weeks

Knee                            :  4-6 weeks

Angle                          :  6 weeks

Lower Leg                  :  10 -24 weeks

Can osteopathy help treat damage bone?

Osteopathy is a widely accepted bone treatment technique. The medical method has become popular because it has proven to effectively heal conditions of the body structure without the need of drugs and surgery.

Osteopathy can help treat damaged bones due to injuries through manipulative techniques. A well trained osteopath can treat bone injuries by employing specific massages and suggesting exercises and stretching techniques to help expedite bone healing. It is the specialty of an experienced osteopath to be able to feel a misaligned bone. Once a misaligned bone is detected, treatments to ease the pain can be done to make the bone heal fast.    

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