Orgonite, Orgone Energy, Tower Busters and the Holy Hand Grenades of Environmental Activism

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Orgone energy, an ethereal energy said to permeate all creation is said to have been harnessed by a device invented by Wilhelm Reich. Modern-day followers of his teachings have perfected the device into a hand-held version that is much more powerful...

Orgone Bio-Energy for Healing

A psychoanalyst in the 1930s claimed to have discovered a bio-energy force that could be gathered within a special construct to promote health and he claimed could be focused via a "cloud-buster" array to improve the weather. Was he deluded?

His modern-day followers continue his work and have improved upon his 'orac' and cloud-buster devices, having created exponentially more powerful and yet smaller hand-held devices that they call "HHGs" or "holy hand grenades."

In the 1930s Wilhelm Reich made startling claims about an animal magnetism energy that was for all intents, responsible for all observable phenomena. Elevating living organisms to more than just biological machines, this life force energy he claimed was present everywhere and could be gathered together in special boxes similar to the principles of a Faraday Cage and be used to improve health.

Organic materials he maintained, absorbed this energy while inorganic elements channel it. A container with alternating sheet layers of organic and non-organic materials capture and focus it. He called this energy "orgone" and the special devices that capture it, an "orgone accumulator" or "orac" for short.

Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Accumulator Device

orgone accumulator box Image Source

First he envisioned this energy to be of an electrodynamic nature, he later changed his views that this mystical energy was a heretofore new and unknown force.

Was Albert Einstein an Early Follower of Orgone Energy?

There was even a dubious involvement with Albert Einstein in the testing phase at one point although the esteemed Mr. Einstein noted a serious lack of control for Reich's observations and methods and more-or-less sidestepped being involved with further testing this device.

Reich claimed that this orgone energy was a massless entity, attracted to itself and exempt from most laws of nature thus it contradicts the law of entropy.

He also felt that these 'luminiferous' particles of incredible uniqueness could be gathered together by using alternating layers of organic and non-organic materials. An insulated box container in which orgone energy would enter but not easily escape and thus, be focused or accumulated in abundance to provide some health benefit.

One such device was his box intended for patients to sit in for a period of perhaps 30 minutes to receive healthful benefits from the concentrated orgone energies captured within.

Cloudbuster Arrays and Orgone Clouds?

Another construct of his was for a device that differed from his oracs. It was called a ‘cloudbuster array’, a device intended to pull ‘bad’ orgone and ‘jet trails’ from the sky and improve allegedly the weather by ‘breaking up’ deadly orgone masses called ‘dOr clouds.’

He made claims about when in use, parts of the device would deliver a severe burn or scald if accidentally touched by the operator although no person has even been shown or recorded to have been such a victim.

He may have felt that these dOr clouds were the manifestations of ‘electronic pollution,’ certainly this seems to be the contention carried over by his followers today whom make updated versions of ‘cloud busters’ intended to ‘purify’ the bad electromagnetic radiance from today’s modern structures like TVs, cellular receiving/sending towers, jet trail pollution and radio bandwidth congestion.

The USFDA (U.S. Food and Drug Administration) in 1954 sought and received an injunction against Reich for his medical claims regarding orgone healing and the devices he used, and furthermore stipulated that these devices can not be shipped across state lines.

Defying this order, Reich was arrested and jailed. The U.S. FDA used the opportunity to seize & destroy his materials, devices and any data regarding orgone energy.

This perceived persecution of Reich for his beliefs elevated him to near martyrdom and validated his claims with his loyal followers. The destruction of his materials was a bonus for his followers as this was not a necessary action unless the US FDA was according to them, trying to hide the truth.

Otherwise, perhaps the materials seized would have been preserved to aid in his conviction. In today’s courts, it is unlikely he would have been found anything other than eccentric.

Orgonite Devices: Just Another Name for Pyramid Power?

holy hand grenades, the hand-held 'orgone accumulator'

Image Source (depicted: Morpheus loop around quartz crystal, three TBs ('tower busters,' the 'muffin' devices) and two conical HHGs)

It is held that structural pyramids of a certain configuration and alignment does the same thing as these hand held devices in that it focuses this mystical energy. The hand-held devices are said to clean the dOr as well, changing bad orgone into good orgone energies.

Special Alignment for Orgone Accumulator not Specified

No such spacial alignment or preferred shape was ever mentioned in the teachings of Reich regarding orgone accumulators, although certain shapes had suggestively different types of benefits. Cylinders/tube shapes for instance, purport to focus psychic energy. But no spacial alignment is required. It allegedly worked in any position.

Orgonite Generators Advertisement

orgone device advertisement

Image Source

There is even today a great following of his teachings with new updated versions that claim to perform even better than Reich’s own oracs. Hand held or fist-sized ‘deployment’ units are made by the faithful and lovingly distributed in secret around places that radiate bad electromagnetic wavelengths (within ¼ mile of cellular towers or nuclear power plants, for instance,) in the belief that these convert bad orgone congestion into ‘good’ healthy orgone.

Orgone Energy Health Claims

Claims of better health, concentration, sleep and sexual stamina pervade the list of beneficial effects. Some of the more extraneous and outlandish claims of these devices extend into the radical metaphysical such as ‘closing the door that permit the Reptile aliens entry to this world’ and used for ‘cleansing’ Satanic ritual sites and other such bizarre claims. These sorts of claims do more harm than good to the casual belief that these devices might have any use at all.

These constructs are generally conical, made of epoxy resin and miscellaneous metal fragments in which is embedded a single large clear or semi-clear quartz crystal, typically aligned vertically. For the sake of brevity, the compound material itself (the epoxy and metal fragment conglomerate when mixed together) is given the name “orgonite.”

Metallics Sources for Orgonite

The metal fragments can be aluminum, copper or just about any metal. Cited are ‘sweepings’ from the floor of machine shops, clippings from common copper high-voltage wires, -even “BBs” of the popular air-guns make acceptable fragments for your orgonite. Small nuts & bolts, washers etc. are also often used.

I suppose one could use the ‘teeth’ from a zipper from an old jacket as well, you would just need a large amount of these. Copper scrub pads and steel wool when snipped up with scissors works great also. Think ‘metallic rice’ or 'hair' and you have the right idea. Any bead store would have many metallic bead notions for necklace creations that would work equally well. The list of possible sources of the metal components of orgonite is endless!

Proponents of these devices claim that other materials can be included, such as garnets, hematite and crushed magnetite, and additional crystals aligned pointing outward in the general four cardinal directions are also mentioned. But this is not a requirement and most mini-oracs "TBs" ("tower busters") intended for distribution in the field do not have these fancy extras. The ‘fancier’ oracs of HHGs tend to be the ones for home & personal use.

Orgonite Energy Tower Busters: Mass-Produced

homemade orgone accumulators, ORACs Image Source

These mini-oracs or “HHGs” can be formed using muffin pans, large candle-making moulds (such as a cone or pyramid shape) or even a cheap plastic martini glass from ‘The Dollar Store.’ I like the latter suggestion the best, the martini glass mould.

Spray a lubricant into any mould first (cooking spray would work fine, or something like WD-40) and then pour in enough metal fragments to fill the bottom of the container. Enough to be able to stand the crystal upright in the metal/epoxy goop is all you need for now.

Add some resin and ensure adequate mixing. Insert the quartz crystal with the ‘pointy end’ facing DOWN. You will flip this the other way around when you’re done and thus, the crystal will be pointing ‘up.’

You don’t have to drive the crystal’s tip all the way to the apex of the martini glass either, as you will probably want to file or sand this somewhat flat later anyway. You do not want to ’sand’ or ‘grind’ the apex and injure the crystal as this is damaging to the intended result. When the device is finished and flipped right-side up, this pointy end of the crystal will be aiming up.

Continue adding alternating layers of metal fragments and resin, mixing thoroughly with a pointy stick (a bamboo shish-kabob skewer works great) to as homogeneous a state as you can to liberate air bubbles. Accuracy in blending is not super important apparently, but do make the effort.

The metallic rice should be quite densely abundant in the final orgonite product. Be sure this is well-blended or else you will have porosity in the finished cone. The occasional air bubble is okay, but you want a smooth finish on the outside where the material touches the mould.

In a few days when this has cured, becomes solid and fully hardened, tip the device out of the disposable glass. File or sand the apex ‘tip’ a little bit flat so as not to be sharp and potentially injurious to yourself or others, and file the bottom circumference edges. Again, this is to avoid getting cut or injured on potentially very sharp edges. Your ‘Holy Hand Grenade’ or “HHG” is complete and functional as-is.

Orgonite HHGs (Holy Hand Grenades)?

Settle down… it’s not a terrorist mantra or even a weapon. These HHG devices can be placed in secret around sources of EM radiation, such as cellular towers or TV broadcast antennae. It is said that just one or two of these are effective against the radiations of any single tower, and are effective when placed up to ¼ mile from the tower.

People even deploy these devices underwater, dropping them from boats with little drag 'chutes supposedly to ensure that they land right side-up where the vertical alignment allegedly performs best, even though " special alignment is required."

Covert Orgonite Gifting Groups Around the World

There are covert groups around the planet including some here in the Toronto, Canada that create and distribute these devices covertly to locations on their 'hit list.' This act of clandestinely depositing orgonite TBs/HHGs is called gifting.

I would love to find one, a gifted HHG, but I have learned how to make my own and wish to have a try at it. The process is not difficult nor is it especially strict or precise. The materials can vary widely to include either auto-body resin (the fibre-glass filler that you have to mix hardener with) to general hardware shopboating accessory available clear epoxy like that which will be shown in the video below, even the two-part epoxy adhesive that comes in large syringes available in the automotive department of your favorite big box store.

The main crystal can be any common quartz crystal, clear, smoky or colored varieties are cited. They can be nicely formed spire crystals or a large, irregular shard; it does not seem to matter. What matters is that they be quartz, and be compressed tightly within in the orgonite material. As the orgonite epoxy cures, it shrinks, this very effectively compresses the crystal(s) embedded inside. This is a very important finding and bears scrutiny.

when a crystal is compressed, an electrical field is created

(image source)

Compressing certain substances (certain ceramics, bone, and most notably, crystals) produces a piezoelectric effect. This compressive piezoelectric effect can create an electrical charge across the crystal lattice. An electric charge is created!

Brief Tutorial, How to Build a HHG Orgonite Tower Buster

These updated versions of Reich's orac in HHGs form have been gaining in popularity. Using organic and non-organic materials and crystals, followers of Reich are making and distributing devices intended to heal and improve the environment. Formed from one of many variant ways, from a traditional birthday cone-hat, a pyramid-shaped candle-mould, muffin pan or inexpensive martini glass, these table-top devices are said to attract the bad orgone and alter it into healthy orgone. Just about any container can be used to create an HHG mould for any shape you desire.

The video explains it best. Notably, I am somewhat impressed that the quartz crystal is compressed and produces a weak but notable electro-magnetic charge.

Compressing rock (notably, compressed quartz crystals) produces a small electromagnetic or electrostatic charge. The epoxy in the orac as it hardens does in fact, squeeze the positioned crystal and the metal junk in the epoxy and thus would be subject to electro-magnetic fields piezoelectric effect created by the compressed quartz.

The combination of these two effects is said to be the desired result. Any EM would follow these paths through the metallic part of the orgonite and pass through the EM/ES field of the compressed crystal. Supposedly, orgone would behave in a similar fashion and this device would emit clean, healthy orgone energy.

When I was much younger, I had a scale model of an Egyptian pyramid made from clear Plexiglas that portended to gather or focus 'pyramid power' at the internal base of the device when aligned with magnetic north. It was fun and it did stir curiosities in me. Why items on this internal platform inside of the pyramid would remain fresh for days or weeks longer than the 'control' item on the outside of the pyramid is a mystery.

These items inside of the pyramid did not decay so rapidly but instead, merely dried out while the control object of the same type and volume kept outside of the pyramid tended to decay.

Maybe it is just the 'cookie jar effect.' Yet, misalignment the pyramid from directional north made the item inside the pyramid behaved almost exactly the same as the external 'control' item. Both decayed at about the same rate.

I did believe that when I held the palm of my hand over the apex of the properly aligned pyramid, I could feel a gentle 'cool breeze' rising up, a sensation which curiously was absent if the pyramid was, again, intentionally misaligned even a little bit from magnetic north.

-Perhaps pyramid power is really orgone energy although no mention of any special alignment was ever cited in Reich's version of orac devices.

Free to Explore HHG and Orgonite Designs

I may have to try making one of these HHGs. Interesting shapes can be explored such as is shown this popular brand-name of vegetable juice container. Note the tapered top 1/3rd and fluted vertical designs. That would make an interesting looking HHG. Or, this three sided glass bowl that I found in recycling. I like that both would have a flat apex already due to the plastic bottle's cap and the bowel's bottom are already flat. No need to sand or grind it flat when the organite is cured. One could however, sand it anyway to make it smoother and highlight the metal fragments that will undoubtedly receive some abrasion from this sanding action.

I am Going to make my Own Orgonite HHG

BOGI stones, a male and female crystal

(image by author)

I plan to use coarse STEEL WOOL cut-up for some of the 'metallic rice' particles. This would look really neat at the apex of the pyramid so that when flipped over, it will shine like a snow-capped mountain. A coarse copper-wool scrub pad can be cut-up with scissors too, to make a rock-esque mountainside of the orgonite pyramid.

Talk to me gem and crystal people. -Would a BOGI STONE make a good addition to orgonite alongside a clear quartz crystal? Bogi stones are a form of crystal too, the male stones (such as the one I am holding here) having a much larger crystal formation on the poles and the females (which are larger, smoother, shown in this image standing on edge) tending to have smaller equatorial crystals. I have a string of very small geodesic hematite (natural magnet) beads that I intended to include with the metallic rice component.

I have been advised however to NOT use hematite in this as the magnetic properties may cause these individual stones to congregate before the mixture 'sets,' and with the cautionary but undefined untoward results

I have to admit a certain excitement about experimenting with this. I have high expectations that I hope are not given to foolishness in vain.

Wearable Orgonite Amulet

an orgonite amulet on a neck cord, and orgonite HHG paperweight for comparison

I expect to discover a beautiful belief ruined by an awkward realization of fact that these do nothing that is claimed of them. Nevertheless, I would hold an open mind to the possibility that there might be something useful going on. I would very much like to hook-up with any local orgonite makers for a clandestine gifting mission. Anyone with any information is welcome to contact me as author of this article.

An Orgonite 'Tower Buster' Made with Epoxy, Brass Shavings

and Embedded Quartz Crystals

An Orgonite 'Tower Buster' that is made with brass shavings, embedded quartz crystals and clear Epoxy Resin

Even if this orgonite 'tower buster/HHG' doesn't work, it would make a very interesting paperweight.

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