Oksana Baiul: Ice Queen

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an article about Oksana Baiul.

Oksana hit the figure skating scene in the early 1990's. She became an Olympic gold medalist in 1994. She was like a young ballerina on ice when she first appeared. Her classic ballet style reflected in her fashion sense. She was the swan or the sugar plumb fairy, her costumes were classic yet extravagant. Her skating costumes reflected the fashion of that decade. She embraced the looks that were very trendy at the time, but also looks very dated today. Fashion has always been a common thread in her career, on and off the ice.

As she aged, the skater wanted to leave the ballet swan behind. Her costumes and make-up depicted a more dramatic look. She wanted to be more edgy, sensual, and theatric. She had one routine where she played a genie temptress. Gone was the elegant little girl, her costumes reflected that artistic change. She experimented with several different looks and styles. She kind of lost her artistic vision, but this led to a varity of different kinds of costumes. Artistic programs led to Lady Gaga style costumes on the ice. She more about the presentation and artisty, and maybe a little shocking as well. She headed more toward ecletic pieces and this reflected in her costumes as well.

Oksana is a lover of fashion off the ice as well. She regular attends runway shows, and incorporates couture fashion in her figure skating costumes. She has not been a teenager for many years, but yet a lot of people remember her that way. She has wanted to break out of that box, and show her muturity as an artist and a woman. Her costume choices reflected a woman proud of her body, and not afraid to send that message to her audience. She lets herself become the music, and the wardrobe helps her come alive.

In recent years, Oksana has gone back to her classic roots as an entertainer. She has found love for her ballet roots. Her costumes have been elegant and classic to reflect her creative vision. She likes to do swan themed programs and her costumes are like the "Black Swan" film. She seems content on the ice and in her personal life, and her look and artistry seemed centered and true.

Oksana Baiul is a great artist, and has had interesting and artistic costumes. Her legacy will include her fashion themed programs.


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