Ocicat Cat Breed Cost

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How much does an Ocicat cost? The answer depends on the markings of the patterns of the cat. Prized are those white-furred and spotted like a wild ocelot from which this cat’s name was derived.

An Ocicat is a relatively expensive pet to purchase, costing between $500 and $900. How much does an Ocicat cost will vary based on bloodlines, markings, and other factors. This pet is prized by cat fanciers because it strongly resembles a small wild cat although it has no wild ancestry. Its spotted appearance is its only association to spotted wild cats.

The Ocicat is also a fairly new breed that has a rising popularity among pet keepers, a growing demand that tends to push up prices of this cat, particularly those for the purebreds. This breed came about in 1964 after a spotted kitten was accidentally produced when a breeder was trying to develop a Siamese cat with Abyssinian coloration.

After three generations of breeding Siamese and Abyssinian cats, a white-furred kitten with golden spots was born. This kitten resembled the wild cat ocelot, and was hence named Ocicat. Further refinement of this kitten’s lineage was undertaken by other breeders. The early Ocicats were mated with American Shorthairs. The Cat Fanciers Association recognized the Ocicat as a breed in 1964, but it was only in 1967 when it was conferred championship status.

In contrast with their wild appearance, Ocicats are people-oriented pets, thus making them treasured home companions. This breed also comes not only in spotted patterns, the only one accepted for cat shows. Other patterns include ticked tabby, mackerel and classic. With such variations, the cost of an Ocicat can vary.

In order to get your money’s worth, source the pet only from reputable breeders. There are many helpful online resources in order to link up with these desirable sources. For U.S.-based purchases, go to the website of CFA or TICA. These sites host the largest cat breed registries in America and provide links to breeder websites.

Veterinarians, particularly cat specialists, are also reliable sources of information on legitimate breeders. Then, there are cat shows wherein reputable breeders display various prospective pets. Also available for access are the clubs catering to specific breeds like the Ocicat. These institutions can surely provide a listing of recommended legitimate cat breeders.

Scanning Ocicats for sale as advertised in publications is fine. But be sure that these ads are posted at magazines like Cat World and Cat Fancy or other publications specializing in cats. Reputable breeders rarely use newspaper ads to sell cats, particularly Ocicats wherein, usually, there is a waiting list for buyers.

Be specifically wary about Ocicats advertised at relatively lower prices. Chances are that these came from unreliable backyard breeders. The pet that one may acquire could be a retired adult or an undesirable, non-spotted Ocicat of mixed blood.

One can not worry on how much does an Ocicat cost by adopting a rescued pet. The CFA Breed Council provides a rescue facility to help find new homes for Ocicats which really are quite few. For one thing, a purchase of this cat from a legitimate breeder specifies in its contact that the pet is to be returned if the owner’s situation changes.