Observation Towers at Niagara Falls

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There are three tall observation towers located at Niagara Falls that offer visitors fantastic views of one of the world's great natural wonders.

Niagara Falls is a premier tourist destination in the United States and the world that attracts over 25 million visitors per year. There are three great observation towers located at Niagara Falls that offer tourists and visitors fantastic views of the falls from great heights. All three of these observation towers are great tourist attractions at Niagara Falls and well worth a visit by anybody traveling to Niagara Falls and one of the towers is also a hotel and all three are close to the hotels, motels and casinos in the area.

Skylon Tower

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The Skylon Tower is a 520 foot high observation tower located at Niagara Falls on the Canadian side of the fantastic natural wonder. Built from 1964-1965 the Skylon Tower has three outside "Yellow Bug" elevators that whisk visitors to the top of the tower and the enclosed circular observation deck in 52 seconds. The Ride to the Top on the elevators is great fun since they are outside with windows to watch the moving scenery as one rides to the top of the tower.

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There are two restaurants at the top of Skylon Tower one of which revolves and completes a revolution once every hour. Visitors can dine in style with magnificent views of both the American Falls and the Canadian Horseshoe Falls.

Image Source (American Falls from Skylon Tower)

Also in the Skylon Tower is a Family Fun Center complete with arcade and video games. Another great attraction in the tower is the "Legends of Niagara Falls" 3D/4D movie that takes visitors back in time to the formation of Niagara Falls and puts visitors right into and in front of the power that is Niagara Falls.

Image Source (Canadian Horseshoe Falls from Skylon Tower)

A combo ticket at Skylon Tower for both the elevator Ride to the Top and the Falls 3D/4D movie is just $18.84 for adults and $11.08 for kids if you buy tickets online. For more check out Skylon Tickets Online.

Konica Minolta Tower

Image Source by Zwergelstern (Konica Minolta Tower prior to construction of nearby hotels and casino)

The Konica Minolta Tower is located at 6732 Fallsview Boulevard in Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada. Opened in 1962 the 325 foot high tower has had 7 different names based upon ownership and sponsors over the years. The Konica Minolta Tower features an enclosed observation deck with fantastic views of Niagara Falls on the 25 floor with special non-glare windows for photography as well as pay-per-use mounted telescopes for up close views of the falls.

Image Source (Konica Minolta Tower with hotels and Casino Niagara nearby)

Also in the tower is the Pinnacle Restaurant that was recently made over as part of a Food Network TV show in Canada and features gourmet meals with unbeatable views for dining pleasure. The Konica Minolta Tower also has a chapel for weddings and space that can be rented out for wedding receptions and special occasions and in 2002 the Ramada Hotel chain opened the Ramada Plaza Fallsview Hotel in the tower offering stunning views of the falls from their rooms and suites. This tower is also located close to many other hotels and motels in Niagara Falls including a casino called the Casino Niagara.

American Falls Observation Tower

Image Source by Stevevoght (American Falls Observation Tower from Goat Island)

Located in New York State right on the American side of Niagara Falls in Niagara Falls State Park is the 282 foot high American Falls Observation Tower. This tower is unique in that visitors enter the tower at the top and can ride an elevator down to the bottom for magnificent views at the base of the falls. At the top is a large observation platform stretching out over the Niagara Gorge that affords fantastic views of the American Falls section of Niagara Falls as well as views of the Niagara Falls, Canada skyline.

Image Source by Ad Meskens (Niagara Falls from American Falls Observation Tower)

The great thing about the American Falls Observation Tower is that it only costs $1 for everybody except children 6 and under who get in free. The American Falls Observation Tower in Niagara Falls State Park is a great deal.

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