Obligations of School Principal

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A school principal, being the leader of the entire school community, has a very broad obligation. Not only that he is responsible to promote an effective learning and good working environment for all, but he is also in charge of student discipline which i
  • A school principal acts as the main leader of the entire school campus. Promoting efficient learning and good working environment for all is the main obligation of the principal. As a leader, the principal works and leads by example and is readily available to the teachers, faculty members, students, and visitors. In times of problems, a good leader stays cool and always gives priority to the welfare of the school and best interest of the students when making decisions.
  • Conducting interview and hiring of new teachers and staff are likewise the obligation of the principal. The interview portion is of utmost importance because it will serve as the determining factor whether a candidate is qualified for the position or not. In the process of interviewing candidates, the presence of superintendent or assistant principal is also necessary to get another opinion of who qualify best. If the position is already filled up, it is best to inform other candidates so that they will no longer expect calls from the school.
  • In small school districts, principal also helps in the management of the school’s budget.
  • In times when there is an unavoidable conflict between parents and teacher, it is the principal’s obligation to act as a mediator to help resolve the conflict in a manner that is agreeable to both parties.
  • It is part of the principal’s job to maintain and nurture the school’s relationship with community members and parents.
  • It is the principal’s obligation to evaluate teachers’ performance necessary to promote an effective learning and effective school. To be an effective evaluator, the principal have to visit classrooms more often and observe teachers’ teaching method whether it is effective or otherwise. Informing teachers of their strengths and weaknesses are necessary to help them improve on areas that do not meet the school’s standard. 
  • The principal is responsible for formulating and developing effective and new programs necessary to reinforce the learning process of students.
  • The principal plays a big role when it comes to student discipline. To be an effective disciplinarian, it is vital that teachers are well informed and aware of the school expectations when it comes to discipline. A good principal is not biased and not judgmental, always willing to consider and listen to both sides before making conclusions. It is important that parents are also informed of the issue concerning their children.