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Nutro Natural Choice Dog Food: Is It Good for Your Dog?

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Nutro Natural Choice and whether or not it is a good food for dogs. Is it worth the extra cost?

Natural Choice dog food offers dog food formulas that are entirely natural. The company does not use any type of byproduct or any other type of ingredient that could be harmful to your dog. The company says that it offers a great taste, an improved skin and coat, natural ingredients with added vitamins and minerals, ingredients like Glucosamine and Chondroitin for healthy joints, and antioxidants so that your dog’s immune system can continue to be healthy.


When looking at a bag or can of Natural Choice, you are sure to find ingredients that you can pronounce. The company takes pride in not using byproducts or additives in its dog food.

The ingredients you find in your dog’s food will differ, depending on the kind you buy. However, some of the most common ingredients in Natural Choice dog food are chicken or lamb meal, rice flour, ground rice, rice bran, poultry fat, oatmeal, sunflower oil, dried beet pulp, and others.

Ingredients like lamb or chicken meal provide your dog with the needed amount of protein. Protein is necessary in your dog’s diet because it provides energy, but it also provides enzymes that can be used throughout the body. Protein is a great way to ensure that your dog will have a healthy body. Other ingredients such as oatmeal, rice, rice bran, and rice flour are all grains and carbohydrates. These ingredients are necessary so that your dog has readily available energy.

Sunflower oil is a fatty acid. It is a great alternative to dogs that are allergic to flax oil, or another type of oil. Minerals like potassium, Vitamin E, Vitamin C, and others are great for working within the body to target certain areas and systems.


Dog owners who use Natural Choice dog food often express how good the food is at using simple ingredients. The company does not use manufactured ingredients in their food. All ingredients are natural, and the company adds vitamins and minerals in order to keep the dog healthy both inside and out.

Because the ingredients are simple and natural, owners express how energetic and lively their dogs are. Natural Choice does not use by products and puts a great focus on using real meat. The ingredients are easily digested, and the overall formulas do not contain corn or soybeans, which are said to be hard to digest and somewhat unhealthy for a dog. The food doesn’t contain a high fat count. Instead, it provides a lot of carbohydrates and proteins. Also the used ingredients are said to be good for dogs that are picky eaters, or those that have sensitive stomachs.


Despite the fact that the company ensures their food will help to improve the skin and coat, many dog owners who have given their dog Natural Choice have complained of their dog having dry skin, and sometimes even a coat that seems to slowly thin. Owners have also made complaints about their dogs throwing up the food because it is lacking so many contents. Others have said that Natural Choice seemed to give their dog allergies of all different sorts.

Many have pointed out that even though the first listed ingredient is a meat product, the primary ingredient in the food is grain. Because the company splits rice and rice bran, it does not equal to one ingredient. However, if Natural Choice did not separate the two, it’s clear that the main ingredient in this food would be rice. Some owners have said that the company uses fat, possibly poultry fat, but does not list it on the ingredients.

Though the company expresses how it uses antioxidants and healthy natural ingredients, dog owners don’t agree with the seemingly high price for a food that is made of not a lot of meat and a lot of grains.

Price point

Natural Choice dog food is definitely on the pricier side. Of course, the more common types of food that the company offers aren’t as expensive, but those that seem to be a little out of the ordinary cost a bit more. You can expect to pay up to $46 for a 30lb bag of Natural Choice, $12 for a 4.5lb bag, and about $9 for a can of the company’s wet dog food.

However, the company working with some retailers does offer a free 50lb bag of food with every 10 purchases of Natural Choice dog food.


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