Nose and Gum Bleeding My Fight Against Dengue

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Nose / gum bleeding - symptom of dengue

It was Sunday night; I woke up freezing, so I turned the electric fan off. The next day, I felt no good but I had to go to school because I want to… I left our house with medicines, water, some food and candies. But they did nothing too; I can’t go on with this bad magic on me. I had to rest, I needed to go home, and so I did.

We went to see a doctor, and there was something she was saying that scared me. Oh my! She gave me medicines for the infection and for my fever. But nothing changed. I was having a fever, and everything just felt so cold upon my skin. My mother checked on my temperature every so often, and it was always not lower than 39 °C.

Wednesday morning- we were out again to see another doctor. All I could say was that, he’s a cool doctor. He’s funny. I just wished laughters turned to medicine to cure me right away. He advised me to get some laboratory examinations, and asked us to be back the following day to repeat the examinations to check my platelet count. ‘Suspicious dengue’

Thursday – I was relieved to know that my platelet count is normal. And it didn’t get lower but higher, from 209,000 to 315,000. That was a good sign that I don’t have any dengue. So, well, I just have to work on my fever, and I’m losing my patience on myself. Where did I get this damn sickness?

Thursday night – my mother was so worried, i almost have taken all the medicines the doctors have given but my fever was still there. No improvements. And oops, i got my gums bleeding. Finally, my mother decided to have me confined in a hospital.

There were no rashes, no nose bleeding, but it was for certain, i had dengue hemorrhagic fever stage 2. I hate the news, and i hate the feeling. I hate to see my mother, my six-year old sister, my relatives looked so helpless. Especially my father, who call almost every hour to check on me. I know exactly how they feel, and i felt like crying at the thought of it. But I don’t want them to think that I’m crying because it was too painful to resist. I can resist the injections, the pain of the antibiotics as they were being injected in my veins or the abdominal pain, or even if my liver had swollen. I could take the pain of the blood transfusion (plasma in particular, woah it hurts to remember.) but I couldn’t resist letting dengue ruin my life. (Though life in the hospital isn’t life.). Anyway, i want to live to kill the mosquitoes. VIVA! LOL.

-Thank GOD! i just want to thank everyone for the prayers. Thanks to Filipino nurses! YOU ROCK! (EAC MC Cavite) Special thanks to my mother.

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Simplyoj (Joy L. Carnay) Simplyoj (Joy L. Carnay)
Posted on Dec 24, 2009