Nordictrack Trainers Vs. Proform Elliptical Trainers: Review And Comparison

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NordicTrack. If you're looking for a piece of quality home gym equipment that can provide exceptional results, an incline trainer from NordicTrack is a great choice. The Incline Trainer X3 from NordicTrack incorporates today's best technology with innovative, exciting features. The result is a highly effective workout that's fun and interesting, yet challenging enough to provide outstanding results.

Several features make working out with a NordicTrack Incline trainer more comfortable than other options. First, the company's Reflex Cushioning technology absorbs heel strike impact and helps maintain your stability when you push off with your toe. This means you're less likely to experience joint pain or injury, even with more intensive incline workouts.

The Incline Trainer X3 also comes equipped with NordicTrack's CoolAire Workout Fan. It's a fancy name for an adjustable settings fan that's built into the machine's console. It's very easy to find, set and adjust this quiet, but efficient fan for added comfort while you work out.

NordicTrack technological advances make it easier than ever to work out with an incline trainer, too. One of the handiest features on the Incline Trainer X3 is the CardioGrip Heart Rate Monitor. Sensors built into the machine's handlebars read your heart rate, and it's automatically displayed on the console. You can continually adjust your workout to stay within your ideal "target" training zone with this technology.

NordicTrack's Incline Trainer features the Grafixx Hi-Altitude Display that makes working out on this machine a lot of fun. You'll see your workout in 3D displayed right on the console. You can actually watch your workout progress and see a mountainside path ahead of you. You can watch from different perspectives, change angle views and zoom in for a up-close view. This special display feature is designed to make incline training more realistic, but it's also totally cool and a lot of fun.

It's very easy to intensify your Incline workouts with NordicTrack's trainer. It features a remarkable incline range from 0 to 40. The higher the incline, the more calories you'll burn. There is also a variety of training workouts pre-programmed in the machine that you can use to vary your exercise level for optimal results.

Last but not least, NordicTrack included a built-in sound system and an iPod docking port on the Incline Trainer X3. It couldn't be easier to enjoy your favorite music while you work out on this innovative, fun and highly effective piece of fitness equipment.

Proform Elliptical Trainers

Proform elliptical equipment are designed and built for people who use their elliptical trainers lightly and irregularly. Essentially these are light duty elliptical trainers for in home use only. If you are going to use your elliptical trainer intensely then we recommend spending more money for another machine outside of ProForm’s line of equipment.

We recently had the opportunity to use a relatively new ProForm 1280 S elliptical trainer that was purchased by a neighbor for home use. It was purchased from a local department store that featured low to mid range priced elliptical trainers. ProForm elliptical trainers range in price from $299.00 to $990.00.

We used the ProForm 1280 S for a period of about two weeks. A total of 4 different people tested the machine. Their weights ranged from 115 lbs to 280 lbs, all had experience using elliptical trainers at the local YMCA and fitness centers. Unfortunately we had a breakdown the very first day when the resistance suddenly decreased to zero and a loud thrumming sound was generated. The local repair people came and spent a couple of hours making the necessary adjustments and repairs. Upon opening the machine a lot of black powder ended up on the floor. According to the repairman it was due to the lack of proper adjustment.

The next day a second of our testers was able to use the ProForm Elliptical Trainer for a full workout any significant problems. Noise was a big factor when the intensity level was increased. It was noted that a crack in the plastic wheel housing had appear or had increased in size as a result of the workout. Also more black plastic powder was on the floor following the workout.

The third test was conducted the next day and was halted because of increasing level of noise. It was decided that this unit was not durable enough to with stand our relatively intense workouts.

On the positive side the ability to change the slope and shape of the stride on the fly was a real plus. However the change was slow and noisy. The problem is that 1280 S is not very a well-constructed elliptical trainer. During the workout plastic parts flopped around during moderate workouts. Again the plastic powder shows wear on internal parts. We again contacted the repair company and they basically said you get what you pay for and they have had a lot of problems with ProForm fitness equipment, however a lot of them are sold each year.

On the outside the PorForm 1280 Elliptical Trainer looks like a great piece of fitness equipment but in reality the plastic parts just do not hold up to normal use. It is obvious the quality of their internal parts is still very poor. Of course plastic is cheap. Icon is also big on bells and whistles, a perfect example is their iFit technology an interactive program that controls your workouts with various challenges. Their flaw is in the quality of the components. Past models of ProForm elliptical trainers have faired poorly in Consumer Reports testing. They were at best rated as average with only ease of use rated as very good.

It is our policy to always recommend the purchase of an extended warranty when purchasing any piece of fitness equipment. If you really like the ProForm elliptical trainer you absolutely need to acquire the extended warranty to include parts and service, Proform elliptical trainers come with a standard very short warranty, that include 90 days service and 90 days parts. One additional and serious concern with all Icon products is that support and service is only fair during the warranty period.

Unless you are only a casual user of your elliptical trainer we strongly recommend that you spend more money on a different brand of elliptical trainer. It should be noted just as our local repairman has stated ProForm sells a lot of treadmills and elliptical trainers and many of these people appear to be satisfied with their purchase. When it comes to ProForm Elliptical Trainers, Cavet Emptor, let the buyer beware.