Nike SB Janoski Review

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A review of Stefan Janoski's first pro shoe for Nike's Skateboarding Division, Nike SB.

This is a review of Stefan Janoski's first show on Nike SB, simply called The Janoski. 

The shoe itself has a very boat shoe feel and look to it, which makes it very versatile. You can wear it casually, for instance if you don't skateboard, or your can wear it proudly as a skateboarder. That being said, lets get into some of the pro's of the shoe that will benefit you and your skating.

Pros- With the vulcanized outsole of the shoe, you are going to get extremely good board feel. With that better board feel, you get less protection. This shoe is perfect for someone who sticks to low-impact skating such as skating ledges, flat ground, and other things of that nature. The vulcanized sole is extremely popular in skate shoes currently, and Nike pulls it off very well. There is a tread pattern on the overlay of the outsole, which will obviously wear down after time, but for the first few sessions it will help you develop a better feel while skating in the shoes. The sole has a very classic tread pattern which you would recognize from older basketball shoes, but provides very good grip for skating. One downside of the tread pattern is that it makes your shoes squeak as you walk. If you can get passed that, which most people can, then you are in for a real treat of a shoe.

The toe cap is a one piece toe cap, with two seams on the top of the shoe. Depending on the colorway you purchase, they can be a different color than the shoe itself. The one piece to cap provides extra durability because of the lack of seams. With the constant tearing your shoes experience when being skated in, the less seams the better because there is less to rip. 

The upper part of the shoe is one piece that wraps around the entire shoe. It has the iconic Nike Swoosh stitched into the side of the shoe. Previous shoes oftentimes sew on their logo on the sides of their shoes, which then falls off after constant wear and tear. The positive of this feature is that it will of course never fall off, and you will be able to proudly wear they Nike symbol around town. A leather piping is features around the outside of the one piece upper for extra support. It is heavy on the back of the shoe, which will help with grip on certain tricks, and will increase the shelf life of the shoe as well.

The Janoski comes with a standard set of leather laces. There are pros and cons of the leather laces. For one, they are very durabale, but often times become untied. One alternative is to switch them to the other pair they give you, which is a more round pair that is coated in a fine layer of wax. They also help with durability because of the wax, and stay together longer. 

These shoes are great to wear barefoot, which is something Stefan wanted in a shoe. The first models came with cork insoles for extra comfort when wearing barefoot. They have since done away with those, but every model does have a thin layer of suede near the heel part of the inside of the shoe so your foot doesn't slip out as much whether wearing them barefoot or with socks.

Overall, the shoes are great. They are lightweight, comfortable, extremely stylish, and very durable. They do take a little while to break in, but in this day and age, what shoe doesn't? If you are thinking about trying the shoe out, pull the trigger and do it. You wont regret your purchase, and you will look and skate better because of this shoe. Stefan and Nike seem like a match made in heaven, however with the Stefan Janoski 2 coming out in the next few years, it will be hard to top this one of a kind sneaker.

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lucia anna
Posted on Dec 15, 2010