New Ideal SpliceLine In-line Connector the Optimal Butt Splice

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The Ideal's new SpliceLine® in-line splice makes making butt splices in tight spots a snap

How many times have this happened to you? You have to replace a duplex receptacle because it is no longer holding a plug securely. You have a receptacle in your shop, so you figure you will be able to replace the old one in fifteen minutes. Plenty of time before you have to leave for work. Your wife reminds you of Murphy's Law: “Anything that can possibly go wrong, does.” What can go wrong, you ask. You remove the cover plate screw, cut through the paint around the plate with a razor knife and remove the cover plate. No problem there. You remove the two 6-32 screws securing the receptacle to the box and start to pull it out of the box. Now it is time for Murphy's Law, the wires are barely long enough for the terminal screws to clear the front edge of the box. You have wire nuts and wire to pigtail to the circuit wires, but Murphy's Law id running amok. Someone had installed a shallow device box and with the wire nuts in place there was not room enough to get the receptacle in the box. To do the job right, you end up replacing the device box with an ABS “Old Work” device box.

Today, with Ideal Industry's new SpliceLine® in-line connectors you could replace the receptacle without having to change the device box. The SpliceLine® in-line connectors would have allowed you to make up the pigtail splices and still have room to get the receptacle in the shallow device box.

Ideal Industry's new SpliceLine® in-line connectors.

Ideal's new SpliceLine® in-line splice simplifies making splices in tight spaces. Three of these end to end splices occupy no more space than one “Red” wire nut. Besides being smaller, they are quicker to install. They employ a stab-lock technology similar to back wired receptacles. All you have to do is strip off 1/2-inch to 3/4-inches of insulation from the ends of the wires and the press them firmly in the connector's ports.

The Ideal's new SpliceLine® in-line splice work with both solid and stranded copper wire. The Ideal's new SpliceLine® in-line splice will work with AWG 12 – 20 stranded wire and 12 – 16 solid wire. These crimpless connectors have a transparent, polycarbonate bodies make visual inspection of the connection a snap. This transparent construction makes them a favorite of professional electricians and electrical inspectors alike.

The Ideal's new SpliceLine® in-line splice are UL Listed and approved for Cu/Cu (copper to Copper) splices. They are not approved for use with aluminum wire and should not be used with aluminum wire.

The Model 42 Ideal's SpliceLine® in-line splice are available in cards of 10, boxes of 100, jars of 300 or contractor cartons of 2,500.

try them, you will love them. I use them all the time, even when space is not an issue.

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Posted on Feb 16, 2011