Neuticles, Testicle Implants for Dogs

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What are neuticles? Are there really fake testicles for dogs? Are neuticles safe? Can you get fake testicles for cats? Do they really make fake balls for pets? Why are people getting false testicles for their pets? Learn more about neuticles and why

Neutering a dog has many health benefits including removing the risk of testicular cancer. A neutered dog is usually better behaved, less aggressive, and less likely to mark its territory. Many people have no issue with neutering their dog (having a veterinarian remove the dog's testicles) but some people, especially men, have a hard time accepting this, and even think the dog looks less manly after words.

Many of these men understand the importance of neutering their dog but feel it may affect the dog psychologically to wake up and find its testicles are gone. Some dog owners are opting for fake testicle implants for their dog after getting it neutered.

Although fake testicles have been occasionally used on dogs in the past (I was first aware of them in the late 1980's), they were not a commercially available product. At that time false testicles were sometimes used (illegally) in the dog show world when a dog did not have both testicles.*

Commercially available false testicles are now sold as Neuticles, and come in many sizes for dogs from tiny Chihuahuas, to massive Great Danes, with some for cats, and others for horses. They also offer four textures.

Over half a million pets have been fitted with Neuticles, fake testicles, since 1995. They are made with a solid silicone so are much safer than silicone gel products, in fact there have been no reported problems with these false balls at all.  They were developed in the United States and are manufactured there but are available in other countries.

Normally the Neuticles are inserted at the same time that the pet is neutered. It is not suggested they be inserted before the dog is 8 months old, which is about when most are neutered anyhow.  While some veterinarians carry them, most can order them from the company, as can any pet owner.

photo source - hairless dogs, testicles showing

Cons of Neuticles

There are a few downsides with having fake testicles, Neuticles, put in your dog. If he does get lost and you need to report him missing you must be sure to tell the animal shelter that he is neutered but has fake testicles. In some areas you may be fined more for letting an intact male dog run loose, so always keep proof of neutering and information to prove that the dog has implants.

If your dog gets lost and for some reason you do not claim him from the animal shelter, they will see him as being an intact male. If he is full grown and a similar neutered dog also presents itself at the shelter, and the shelter can only keep one, they will pick the dog that is obviously neutered.

*Back in the late 1980's I recall hearing of a lady who took her dog to the dog show, the dog had only one testicle descend so she had a false testicle implanted (I do not know why she did not just have the problem properly corrected to be honest). Altering dogs like this is not allowed in AKC dog shows; where judges do feel the dogs testicles.  At one show the judge noticed something funny and exclaimed “This dog has three testicles!”. Indeed its natural one had “dropped” into place. The dog was disqualified from the show.


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