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Nature Box vs Graze vs Love With Food: Snack Boxes Reviewed and Compared

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Nature Box is the top healthy option with their emphasis on natural ingredients and low-calorie counts. Graze is ideal for those who want to be surprised by what snacks they get. Love with Food is better if you want to be able to purchase individual snack

One of the benefits of modern advances in economic shipping and food growth is that it’s now possible to get snack boxes delivered right to your house for a low price. Here are a few companies that will do this for you, including how they compare.

Nature Box

Nature Box markets itself as a health food snacking option for people who want to keep their snacking habits natural.


  • Over 100 Options Available-Nature Box has a wide selection of food options, each of them focused on being healthy.
  • Free Trial-You can get your first box of 5 snacks for free, though they still do charge you for the $2 shipping price even with the free trial. This will also require you to cancel if you don’t want to start getting monthly bills.
  • Free Shipping-The cost of each box is all inclusive, so you don’t get paid extra for shipping after the free trial.
  • Snack Customization-You can choose exactly which snacks you want as well, unlike with some snack box companies.
  • Health Food Guarantees-Nature Box guarantees that the snacks won’t have hydrogenated oils, artificial colors, flavors or sweeteners, or additional sulfites. They also guarantee that the snacks will be under 200 calories per 30 grams.
  • Hunger Charity Donation-Snack Box also donates a meal to the Feeding America charity for each delivered box.


Graze has a different approach to other snack boxes in that you rate each snack you get between “trash,” “try,” “like” and “love.” Depending on how you rate each snack after you receive it, you will get more snacks similar to the ones you tried.


  • 5 Types of Different Regular Boxes-Unlike other sites, Graze lets you choose what type of box you get. This includes a sharing box which has 5 bags in it, an 8 snack variety box, a 4 snack variety box, a desert box called “sweet treat,” and a “savory” box.
  • Customizable Pricing- You can set the new boxes to come as often as you want on a set schedule, or just only when you order one directly. You can also set a “vacation time” where boxes won’t come. After the vacation you set is over, the boxes will resume per normal.
  • 2 Types of Wholesome Nutrition Boxes-This includes a “calorie count box” which includes snacks under 200 calories, and a “sugar count” box which includes snacks that have less than 5 grams of sugar.


Love with Food

Love with Food has a lot of variety, but many of the items are the kind of thing you could purchase at the grocery store, with some exceptions. The main thing is, even outside of the regular box subscriptions, you can purchase individual items if you want.


  • Free 3-Moth Snack Giveaways-You can send your email address to the company and enter to win a free 3-month snack subscription.
  • Referral Program-You get 500 points for referring a friend. These points have about a $5 value. This is because every 1000 points lets you earn $10 you can put towards anything on the site.
  • Earn Points for Reviews-You can get points for products reviewed that you can put towards your 1000 points and $10 on the site.
  • Health Focused-The site focuses on making sure the foods have no high fructose corn syrup or trans fats in them, as well as staying away from hydrogenated oils or artificial flavoring or coloring.
  • Buy Specific Items-If there’s a specific item from a box that you liked, you can buy that item directly without having to get it inside of a larger box. This includes items like Choco Chews or Annie’s Chocolate Bunny Grahams, for example.
  • Donated Meals Map-The site has a map that shows areas where they donate meals in the U.S. The current count is around 400,000 meals donated.

Head to Head


Nature Box costs $20 per month for a box of 5 snacks. If you pay 3 months in advance, it’s $18 a month or so, and this drops down to $17 if you do 6 months. After the trial, shipping is free.

Graze has the “sharing box” option which is $25 per box for 5 sharing bags, with 20 portions total. The 8 snack variety box is $12 per box, the 4 snack box is around $7 per box, the “sweet treat” box is $7 or so, and the savory box is $7 as well. You can set to receive boxes regularly with one per month, 2 per month, and so on. You can also just order a new box directly whenever you want. The calorie count box is $7, and the sugar count box is also $7.

Love with Food costs $10 a month for the subscription. You get one box a month this way. You’ll usually get the box 10 days into the month. You can also buy other subscriptions like Healthy Food Finds for $15. Additionally, you can purchase individual snacks outside of the box if you happen to like them. You can also choose the “Deluxe Box” for $17 a month and the “gluten-free” box for $25. Love with Food donates a meal for every $10 or so.


Nature Box has the standard email request form in their “contact us” section. They don’t have a chat option, but you can call their 800 number during regular business hours. The company also has video tutorials and articles available on the site for doing just about anything you can think of on the site including tracking shipping orders, signing up for a subscription, cancelling your subscription when you don’t want it anymore and so on.

Graze doesn’t seem to have a way to contact them besides through email, at least not one that’s readily apparent on their page. They also appear to mostly reply to email inquiries during weekday business hours and not at other times.

Love with FoodLove with Food has some unique features like their entire recipe section, complete with how difficult it all is to make. They have a number for contacting them during business hours, and an email form which even includes the option to add a screenshot.


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