Natural Ways to Remove Rust

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Reming rust is not always easy. There are products to remove rust but there are also some natural ways.

There are a number of proprietary products that will remove rust from different metals, or should I say, which claim to remove rust. However these are often expensive and not always effective. You could end up buying several different ones before you are successful.

Natural products are easy and safe for you and for the environment, and you are quite likely to have the things you need around the house.

• Alka Seltzer Can Remove Rust

Small items like pieces of jewellery, coins, keys, screws and things like that can be placed in a dish of Alka Seltzer and water for as long as required to remove rust from small objects. Care should be taken with jewellery as some fixings may be made of different metals and cements used to fix gem stones may be dissolved in the Alka Seltzer dilution.

• Undiluted Vinegar Removes Rust

Vinegar, exactly as it comes from the store will remove rust from some

metals. There is no need to dilute it, just pour a little into a dish and put the object into the liquid. Leave it for as long as you need to and then brush, or wipe the object clean. For larger items like car trims, undiluted vinegar can be used with a brush.

• Baking Soda Can Scrub Away Rust

Take some baking soda and add a little water. Use just enough water to make a damp paste that you will be using as a kind of scourer. A brush, or cloth can then be used with the baking soda paste in order to remove rust from more difficult to reach areas. This too is good for car trims, metal frame on garden furniture, or anything that is starting to rust. When the paste becomes dirty, or starts to dry, mix some more and start again but be careful not to use too much pressure when rubbing it onto the rusty areas or you may end up causing scratching which is far more difficult to get rid of.

• Coca Cola Removes Rust Too

Coca cola will also remove rust and stains from some types of metal. There are many stories about what it is that gives Coca Cola the ability to clean metal, but the truth of the matter is that it is high in citric acid and this acid will often remove rust. Dip a cloth in the drink and rub the rust as hard as possible, or drop small objects into Coca Cola and watch them regain their former sparkle.

• Citrus Fruit Can Get Rid Of Rust

Cut a lime or a lemon in half and dip it in dry baking soda. Then rub any rust spots hard with the fruit. Lemon actually works best because it is the most acidic. The action of the citric acid and the baking soda is often effective on small rust spots and it has a nice smell if you are using it in the house.

So, before spending money on proprietary brands of rust remover it might just be worthwhile trying out some of these ideas. It will save you money and is certainly better for the environment. Different kinds of metal have different types of rust, so a bit of patience might be needed to find the right solution.