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Natural Skin Care Remedies For Boils, Pimples And Pus Pockets

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Natural skin care treatment can cure many symptoms of a boil, pimple or pus pocket on the body and restore wellness. Simple recipes to treat all skin types with organic and natural skin care treatments.

Many times natural skin care home remedies for boils, pimples and pus pockets can yield a great outcome. This treatment has been used with great success. So successful was the treatment that there was no need to seek medical intervention. It takes a person to know some natural skin care in order to treat a boil, bad pimples or skin pus pockets. The natural treatment does not require one to check to make sure they are able to treat the skin condition since there will be no side effects.

"Look" at the skin condition and evaluate the symptoms.  First look to see if it is red, which means it is inflamed. Check to see If there is a center of white, indicating it does have a core. The core will sometimes start exiting from the pressure of the pus in the skin boil, bad pimple or skin pus pocket. Do not discourage this action. Allow the oozing to occur. A loose Band-aid can be applied so the exudate does not stain clothing.

"Wash" your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Much to what advertisers would have you believe, soap and water is the combination to combat disease, stop bacteria from forming and spread of infection. The method of hand washing is very important. Everyone knows the birthday song, so that is the one that will be referred to, for you to sing twice, while you are vigorously washing your hands. Just in case you think wetting the hands and applying a little soap will kill the germs, you are not correct. Even the antibacterial liquids and the waterless versions of cleansers are not as effective as what is described to do. It is the friction of rubbing the hands in the manner, about singing happy birthday twice that is effective. Rinse well with lots of fresh water, not water in the sink or basin. Use a piece of toilet paper to turn off faucet so you do not touch the faucet handle that you turned on the water with at the beginning of this activity. If you touch the handle, start over with happy birthday twice again. This keeps you as clean as possible, so you do not introduce bacteria into your boil, bad pimple or skin pus pocket as you continue your skin care treatment.

"Place" in a very clean pot: 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 teaspoon of salt to boiling. Turn off burner after it boils and let it cool until you can put a drop on your wrist and have it feel very warm, not hot. The same recipe  can be placed in the microwave oven. With a very clean spoon, stir the water and salt to mix the two very well.

"Take" a very clean wash cloth and gently wet it using a very clean spoon for the salt and water mixture. No need to soak it, but get it wet enough so you can soak your skin condition. If the cloth gets cool, spoon on the water salt mixture; do not dip the wash cloth in your solution. If you do put the cloth in the water, you contaminate the water/salt mixture and it needs to be thrown out.

"Apply" that wash cloth to the boil, skin pus pocket or bad pimple, making sure it is not too hot that it burns that sensitive skin that has the skin so taught it is swelling. It it feels too hot, lift the wash cloth up and then put it back. Keep doing the soaking for 10 minutes. This treatment can be done more than four times a day for 3 days and have skin pus pockets get completely emptied. Use new, fresh water and salt each time, do not save the solution. Remember to wash hands as described and select a clean wash cloth with each soaking episode.

"Look" at the skin after the soaking has reduced the purulent drainage in the pus pocket. Some areas might need moisturizing. Chose a drop of olive oil. Do not touch the bottle top to the boil. Pour a tiny amount in the cap and dropped it on the boil without touching the cap to the emptied skin pus pocket. Apply a clean Band-aid until you resume soaking if you need to, so it will remain clean.

"Wash" hands as I mentioned above, after you are finished with the soaking.


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