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Natural Remedies for Frown Lines

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Natural remedies for Frown Lines are inexpensive and effective.

Back in Grandma's day, there were no expensive skin creams or costly moisturizers, such as the popular Cynergy Tk products.  To keep her skin soft and supple, Grandma did what all the grandmas before her had done; she looked to Mother Nature to provide.  I remember watching my grandmother crack an egg, then rub her finger inside the shell and apply the egg white residue around her eyes.

Nature still provides for our needs, we just need to get to know her again.

Frown lines are those little annoying lines around the mouth, between the eyes, and around the eyes. They are named "frown lines" because it sounds so much more lady-like than admitting to wrinkles.  Aging, smoking and a lack of Vitamin E all contribute to frown lines, to name a few. 

All natural treatments for frown lines have one thing in common.  They heal the skin, just as they heal such things as wounds and cuts. The same parts of nature's remedies that heal the skin also function to "heal" frown lines.  They heal those frown line areas by replenishing the natural keratin, or Vitamin E that we lose as we age.  They also heal by re-growing dead skin cells that do not re-grow as readily as they use to do.

Aloe Vera oil is one of the most effective natural remedies for frown lines.  Most people know about its' use to heal burns, but consider using it for frown lines.  Aloe Vera is easy to grow and a daily applied dosage of the oil, found inside its leaves, will start to show a more youthful skin.  Use the clear part of the oil, not the white part.

Olive oil is another terrific frown line aid.  Olive oil is rich in vitamins A, B-1, B-2, C, D, E and K and in iron. All of which help your blood cells to regenerate.  Mix a little honey and some pure cream in with the olive oil and you have the best of all wrinkle creams.

Pineapple juice and apple juice, natural of course, will also get rid of frown lines, if used regularly.  It is best if you buy them fresh and then juice them at home, and apply to the face. 

Another effective frown line cure is to topically replenish the Vitamin E in your skin by opening Vitamin E capsules and apply them directly to your skin.  Or better yet, mix the oil of one Vitamin E capsule with 1/2 teaspoon of both honey and lemon and 2 teaspoons of yogurt.  Let the mixture stay on your face for 15 minutes before washing.

Drink lots of pure water every day, it helps to re-hydrate your skin, which helps to prevent wrinkles.

Some pointers for using natural frown line remedies:

· Always apply to a freshly washed face.

· Stretch the skin around the frown lines and rub the remedy in until you no longer feel any of it on your face.

· If it is not a remedy that rubs in completely, leave it on your face for at least 15 minutes.

· Apply any homemade remedy to a moist face, not a dry one.  Use a spritzer to moisten your skin, or splash your face with cold water before applying a frown line remedy.

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Jerry Walch
Posted on Jan 18, 2011

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