Natural, Organic, and Herbal Weight Loss Remedies

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For those who are looking to increase significant weight loss during their busy schedules than natural organic and herbal remedies is the way to turn. Weight loss remedies have been proven effective from specific fruits and vegetables to even over the co

Weight loss now days can be hard to achieve due to a constant busy work schedule.  However, there are some great remedies that can help additional weight loss slowly but surely if one cannot make it to the gym on a daily basis.  Remedies such as specific foods to eat while maintaining a proper diet, beverages that increase the body’s metabolism and even over the counter organic supplements that can decrease the amount of extra water that the body carries. 

Of course daily exercise will help reduce significant weight loss but sometimes a very busy work schedule can create a dilemma when trying to achieve this goal.  However, nightly and morning stretch routines will also help with increasing overall weight loss as this can help open up the body’s blood vessels.  Doing so will allow much more nutrients to flow to both the brain and muscles to help assist with recovery and prevent soreness in between workouts.  If regular workouts at the gym cannot be attended than attempt routine walks or jobs nearby the home.  This will help burn additional calories which will result in further weight loss assistance.

The most important factor for achieving weight loss is maintaining a proper diet.  This can be easily obtained if calorie intake is thoroughly watched.  Be sure to consume as much fruits and vegetables as possible as these are low calorie foods and will help regulate nutrients throughout the body.  Drinking beverages such as green tea and coffee will also help the body burn more calories, boost metabolism, and suppress the appetite.  Aloe, which is commonly used as a topical ointment, can be also consumed and has been referred to as an ‘internal cleanser’ as this helps produce bowel movements.  Smoothies prepared with fresh fruits, honey, and two tablespoons of peanut butter will provide the body with essential nutrients and makes for an adequate meal replacement.  Be sure to also not add any additional salts or oils as these can be unhealthy and will decrease assistance with weight loss.

5-hydroxytryptophan (5-HTP) is an effective over the counter herbal remedy that has been proven to increase significant weight loss.  It is extracted from a West African plant seed and is commonly used in various over the counter supplements found at local retailers and stores.  Dandelion has also been found to reduce weight loss as it is considered a natural diuretic.  Consuming dandelion teas for example will help reduce the additional water that the body carries.         


Natural Remedies for Detox and Weight Loss.”  By Nicole Brown