Natural Home Remedies for Weight Gain

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There are many Natural Home Remedies one can use for gaining weight if they are skinny or under weight.

If majority of people are struggling with obesity there are many people who are trying to put on weight. How to know if you are underweight? Just like obesity can be measured using BMI, being underweight or not can be based on the ideal weight for a given height, built and sex. A person is said to be underweight if the weight is more than 10% below the ideal body weight. There are several reasons why one may be under weight. Some of these reasons can be heredity, stress, bad sleeping habits, poor nutrition and eating habits, exposure to pollutants, lack of exercise, disorders etc.

Do you wish to gain weight? Just like there are many health problems associated with obesity, an underweight person is also prone to many diseases and disorders. However, there are several natural home remedies one can use to gain weight. One way to put on weight is consuming more calories than what you can burn. However make sure you choose healthy foods to add calories. Given below are some home remedies those who are underweight can use to gain weight.

  • Consuming Muskmelon thrice a day for about 40 days is known to be effective in treating underweight.
  • Another remedy for weight gain is the mango milk diet. In this method one has to eat 2 medium ripe medium sized mangoes thrice a day followed by a glass of milk.
  • Going for an exclusive milk diet helps in gaining weight fast. On the first 3 days go on a fast of warm water and lime. On the next day have a glass of milk every 2 hours from 8 AM to 8 PM. Increase the intake day after day to the extend you can tolerate.
  • Consume 3 dry figs soaked in water two times in a day on a regular basis to see results.
  • Another home remedy involves taking 25 grams of raisins on a daily basis.
  • Do exercises regularly, especially those exercises which help in building muscle mass.
  • Consuming banana milk shake thrice daily helps in gaining weight. Another way is to consume banana thrice a day followed by milk.
  • Consume milk with almonds, date palm and anjeer in it.

As you can see there are several natural remedies for weight gain. Being fat or underweight both can cause several health conditions. If you are underweight eat more calories, but avoid fatty and junk foods to gain weight. A weight gaining diet includes foods high in protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. Along with fruits and vegetables also include fish, chicken, egg and lean meat in the diet.


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