Naruto Chapter 5 - Fail? Kakashi's Conclusion

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As in continuation from the last chapter Sasuke overdid with his high ninja skills and hit Kakashi with his shuriken and kunai. Kakashi goes off flying in air with the momentum of the kunai. But just then Kakashi’s body turns into a log of wood. He

As in continuation from the last chapter Sasuke overdid with his high ninja skills and hit Kakashi with his shuriken and kunai. Kakashi goes off flying in air with the momentum of the kunai. But just then Kakashi’s body turns into a log of wood. He used the Replacement Technique.

Replacement Technique- It is a sort of basic ninja technique used by nearly each and every ninja in order to survive and prevent him/herself from the attack of enemy. In this technique the user of the technique replaces his body with any other body of his wish just micro-seconds before he actually gets hit by the attack.

The very first step for the ninjas is to conceal their presence and with that attack of Sasuke’s act of concealment lost its worth as Kakashi was now aware of his location and could do anything. Sasuke is on the run now in order to find some other shelter on the other hand Sakura is also changing her position in order to find Sasuke.

Kakashi taught Naruto the very first ninja basic – Taijutsu i.e. hand to hand combat style. And as Sakura is on her move she just steps a few yards away from Kakashi who is reading a book. She feels safe as she thinks that no one had any idea that she was there, but to her great disappointment real body of Kakashi was behind her and he teaches Sakura the Second ninja basic – Genjutsu i.e. the person is put into illusions and in the world he/she goes anything can happen. Kakashi uses genjutsu on Sakura and shows her a badly wounded Sasuke. She faints.

(Still from chapter 5- illusion of wounded body of Sasuke)

After that Kakashi himself searches out for Sasuke who clarifies it to Kakashi that he is different from those two idiots (here Sasuke is referring Sakura and Naruto as idiots). On the contrary Kakashi clarifies that the fact can be accepted only if he succeeds in getting one of the two bells from him.

Now the most interesting and the thrilling fight among Kakashi and Sasuke starts. At first Sasuke throws a bunch of kunai and shuriken on Kakashi, from right in front of him and Kakashi thinks that they were no use. But Sasuke is highly skilled as he already prepared a trap and those kunai he threw were just a distraction. However Kakashi is a Jounin, so he manages to prevent himself from getting killed. But as soon as he lands on the ground, Sasuke lands a high power kick which is somehow blocked by Kakashi. The kick is followed by a powerful punch but no use as Kakashi is now able to bear him. But whatever the result of their fight may be, Kakashi is deeply impressed by Sasuke as he was the only one who gave him such a trouble.

(Sasuke performing hand signs)

On the other hand the prankster Naruto sticks to Kakashi’s statement, “Ninjas need to think beyond normal” and stops thinking about how to get that pair of bells from Kakashi, rather he is now concentrating on stealing the lunch that Kakashi hid on top of a shrine. He did think beyond normal but the other way round.

The fight between Sasuke and Kakashi gets interesting as now Sasuke uses a third ninja basics – ninjutsu i.e. using spiritual energy called chakra and via help of hand signs using them to perform elemental ninja techniques. Sasuke uses Grand Fireball Technique and Kakashi is moved as not even a genin level ninja can perform that technique but Sasuke is able to perform that high level technique. Still Kakashi manages to find an escape and now uses a Suicidal Beheading Technique on Sasuke thus binding his moves.

(Uchiha Sasuke using Grand Fireball Technique)

Grand Fireball Technique – It is a technique originally discovered by the members of the Uchiha Clan only. In this technique the user changes the flow of chakra with hand signs and after accumulating considerable amount of chakra in the lungs he blows the chakra out. The Chakra just after coming out from the mouth takes the form of a grand fireball.

Suicidal Beheading Technique – It is an earth element technique in which the user goes under the ground and holds just a part of the victim’s body from under the ground. After that the user comes out of the ground while the victim is buried inside the ground only with his head outside the ground. Victim cannot move any of his body part except his neck. It is just as a replacement but is at a far more higher level than the replacement technique.

The funny lad Naruto is just about to open the lunch box and as he loudly says “thanks for the food” Kakashi appears behind him and Naruto tries to change the subject saying it was a joke. But it was too late for him. Sakura just chances to pass by the point where Sasuke was half buried and faints again. But as soon Sasuke comes out from his neck level grave he is again on the move to get the bells. But too late as the loud alarm buzzes which means end of training time.

Kakashi asks the three of them to quit being ninjas as they are mere kids. Naruto is tied to the log for his conducts. Kakashi’s words just raise Sasuke’s temper and leaps straight towards Kakashi who steps on Sasuke and forces him to lie down on the ground. Kakashi told them that the meaning of the test was to produce the sense of teamwork among them.

Although Kakashi tells them the importance of teamwork and decides to give them one more chance to get the bells after lunch. But the only rule is not allowing Naruto to eat for his conduct. Anyone who feeds Naruto will fail as a ninja and will never be allowed to appear as a ninja again in his/her whole life.

(Naruto's face expression when his stomach growls)

But as soon as Kakashi leaves the scene and Naruto’s stomach growls Sasuke asks Naruto to share with him and so did Sakura. At first Kakashi appears on the scene and try to scare but the three act together as a team, single team. The act makes them one team and thus Kakashi has no other chance rather than allowing them to pass the final test.

In the next chapter we will get to see Naruto complaining to the Hokage for getting petty missions and thus Team 7 is assigned a special high rank of escorting mission to the Country of Wave where many dangers lurk in their path with the mission to execute Team 7, along with the old man which Team 7 is escorting.

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