MyFonts vs Fontspring vs Pricing, Quality and Variety Compared

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MyFonts gives you the ability to sell your fonts, but they also have a lot of full demons and trials for things like full WebFont subscriptions. FontSpring makes it easy to find specific free fonts right from the main page. is the place to go if

The font you use for your online site or project can have a big effect on how it’s received.  Believe it or not, new fonts are coming out all the time in all varieties, you don’t have to just stick with the ones you’re used to from Microsoft Word. Here are a few places to buy fonts including a comparison of their pricing, quality and variety.



MyFonts is an easy site to peruse, especially since they have a “popular tags” section that shows you which tags are the most popular based on the size of the text. You can also search recent fonts towards the bottom, and the hot new fonts are available at the top.


  • Many New Fonts-There’s a “Hot New Fonts” section right on the main site which shows you the new fonts that are available. This includes fonts like Funny Bone or Eloquent Family. Other examples are Book Script, Atica Rough Pro, and Matsadoni.
  • Sell Fonts-There’s also a space on the site to sell fonts if you make your own. The “sell” link is all the way at the bottom of the main page towards the center.
  • Free Webfont Trial-If you click on this link at the top menu, you can try out a font for your website for 30 days. You can also get a free preview of any webfont  by hitting the blue “show me a font” link on the new page. This live preview lets you select not only the font but also the size and other options, making the sample text change instantly.
  • Free App-The related app to the site is called FontScout, and it’s available for iPad.



FontSpring has thousands of fonts available that let you get perpetual licenses you can use for the Internet, desktop applications, or eBooks. You can even get this for apps.


  • Frequent Deals of 90% or More-The fonts that have the biggest sales attached to them tend to be listed towards the top of the main site. An example is IntroRust, which sometimes goes for a 90% discount or more.
  • Font Lists-You can search fonts based on a number of categories in the bottom left corner of the main site. This includes “free” font searches, ones that are “on sale,” or “best sellers” among other criteria.
  • Fonts Prevent Repeat Lettershapes for Double Letters-Fonts that use apps with OpenType capability such as Monstro, can actually make it so that if you have two of the same letter in a row, such as with the word “cool,” the lettershape for each double letter will be different making the font look more varied. is quite a large site with many different font options available. There are more than 7000 fonts on the site, and there’s also over 2000 for eBooks specifically. There are also 5 different value packs.


  • Free Web Fonts-Getting free web fonts on the site is a bit involved, but it is possible through the red rectangle in the right corner of the site. You have to register and sign up in order to get access.
  • Over 7000 Fonts has a truly huge library of more than 7000 fonts in three formats that include TrueType, OpenType, and PostScript.
  • ValuePacks-You can buy packs of fonts on the site, and there are more than 65 different types of packages like this available.
  • Multiple Licensing Options-You can go with a standard user license which gives you 5 computers and a printer to use, or the extended multi-user format which can cover your whole site, for example. Or you can do the Enterprise one which covers your whole company. There are also streaming and font-embedding services available as well.

Head to Head


A set of 30 fonts which are all variations on one type are available on the site. An example of such a set is the Monstro Nuovo one which goes for $104. There’s also the classic Monstro font available for $48.

Fonts on FontSpring tend to be a bit more personalized. An example is the Monstrinhos font which goes for $48 for 3 fonts. This font actually has different lettershapes for all caps versus lowercase. It even has a feature that prevents double letters from having the same letter shape. Examples of sales they have include the Core Sans Series which normally goes for more than $300 for a license, but which can be on sale for $32 on the site. also has Monstro available for $48. You can also do a subscription plan including the free version which gives you 3000 web fonts with up to 25,000 views per month or so for Web Fonts. Or you can spend $5 for 50,000 views.

Overall, the individual font prices tend to be the same. What varies is the exact types of fonts available, and there really is a lot of overlap. Web Font subscriptions are fairly similar across sites when it comes to price as well. What will vary will be the extra features that you like, or the particular sales that come up a lot on sites like FontSpring.

Quality and Variety

MyFonts has excellent reviews online when it comes to quality. They are known particularly for having high quality in their feature set. You can get CD collections of these or buy them individually. When it comes to variety, MyFonts looks good here too since there are even non-English language fonts available. In fact, the Hot New Fonts section is actually updated hourly.

FontSpring has a growing library of more than 2500 fonts. There are more than 180 foundries represented on the site as well. FontSpring is a newer font site, in general, so their quality hasn’t been as well established yet, but they do have most of the usually quality fonts. has one of the biggest varieties available with over 7000 fonts. This also includes many different libraries like OpenType, LinoType and ITC. The site is also known for having one of the highest quality support systems available as well, especially in contract to MyFonts which often gets poor ratings in this area.