MVMT Watches vs The 5th vs Daniel Wellington vs Seiko Watches: Fashionable Watches Compared

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Mvmt has some good protections for their watches such as the 2-year warranty on every watch in their collection. The 5th watches will appeal to those who like small, minimalist devices. Daniel Wellington has some bright gold and leather colors for those w

Watches are becoming more than just a way to tell the time, they are now also about fashion. Here are a few watches with a fashion-focus so that you can see which ones have the features and look that you want.



MVMT has some interesting designed such as their Classic style and modern design hybrid watches. They have a classic round and leather style, but with modern materials and features such as the mini timers, the black watch face and the steel materials with hollow looking hands.


  • Free Worldwide Shipping-If you spend at least $50 on your watch order, then you can get it shipped to you for free. This shouldn’t be too hard, considering many of the watches here cost more than that anyway.
  • Choose Currency-If you click in the top left corner of the site, you can choose to switch the currency listing from USD, or U.S. Dollars, to Euros, Canadian Dollars, British Pounds, or a number of other currencies.
  • 24 Month Warranty-Mvmt has a strong warranty offer for all products on the site of 2 years. This makes them a good option if you’re worried about protecting a higher-end purchase.

The 5th

The site for The 5th makes it easy to check out products since they’re all labeled and listed on the right. There’s also a continually running video that shows people moving around while wearing the watches. The watches are definitely full of a type of minimalism with small faces and leather straps. They’re understated and will appeal to those that like minimalist and understated styles.


  • Cart Timer-The shopping cart will only hold your watch for 5 minutes, but this is important because if a number of watches are limited, this guarantees that as soon as you add a watch to the cart, you have that watch as long as you complete the purchase within 5 minutes. This will ensure you won’t end up adding a watch only to find out later that they are out of that style.
  • Free VIP Signup-You can register as a VIP member for free and gain access to the entire collection 9 hours or so before everyone else does. Since these watches can sell out, this is important.
  • Classic Styles-Many of the watches have styles like all black with silver markings, a small 4mm face, a thin depth of 6mm or so, and no second hand.

Daniel Wellington

Watches at Daniel Wellington are known for looking elegant and luxurious with gold details and smooth black leather straps.


  • Coupon Codes-You can click the “I have a code” button on the main page to get some dollars off on watches with codes found throughout the Internet.
  • Upcoming Watches-The site is often putting out new watches ahead of times, such as their “Classic Black” which was advertised well in advance of the October 10th release.
  • Free Shipping Worldwide-Daniel Wellington offers free shipping worldwide to all watches with no minimum required.
  • Payment Options-You have unique options including Kleva and PayPal as well as the normal credit card options.

Seiko Watches


Seiko is undeniably a modern watch brand with many modern features. It has watches that are solar-powered for example. Many of them have faux diamonds in them. Seiko actually won brand of the year in London in 2015.


  • Solar Chronograph with Lumbrite-The Prospex solar chronograph uses solar energy to glow at night. Both the hands and the markers glow in the dark after being in the sun for a while during the day.
  • Extra Jewels-Many of the watches have 20 or more jewels added into their base. This is what causes them to have a bit of a higher price than many other watches, even as higher as 3 times more.
  • Easy Model Search-If you know just what watch you want, you can click in the textbox in the top right corner of the site and add in the model number or name there. This should bring you right to the watch.

Head to Head


MVMT has plenty of security features such as their two-year warranties and their free returns for orders over $50. They also have live email support on the site and guarantees about Internet security.

The 5th watches have a more minimalist style than others, such as those from Mvmt. They are smaller, with no second hand, and very simple watch face markings.

David Wellington doesn’t have a minimum for its free worldwide shipping program, unlike Mvmt, so that’s an advantage. The site also has a live chat option to make it easier for you to get some help if you have any questions about your order or about the watches in general. It’s easy to select from a number of different countries right on the main page, including France, Great Britain, and others.

Seiko has a number of impressive features on their watches such as the Lumbbrite which makes markers and hands glow in the dark from solar energy. They are often made from bright steel with many different readings and mini stopwatch options. Many of them have extra jewels in them as well. This is why they cost the most of all the watches in this category.


MVMT has watches such as the Gun Metal Chrono at 45mm that goes for $135. Other examples include the classic Black/Tan Leather that goes for $95.

The 5th has watches such as the Aki that go for $95. The Haru is the same cost, and they’re both “Tokyo” style watches. In general, these watches seem comparable in price to those from Mvmt.

Daniel Wellington has a higher price point than many of the other options with their Somerset at $199 for a limited edition 36mm watch, for example. Many of the watches are at $200 or more.

Seiko has watches like the Prospex boutique exclusive that goes for $600. It has 23 jewels in it, the Lumbrite feature for glowing in the dark, and a stainless steel case. This makes these watches some of the pricier of the set. The extra features and jewels will add value that way.