MTV Star Sterling Brim Talks Success and Future Plans

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this is a brief article about how MTV star Sterling Steelo Brim went from being a music producer at Atlantic records to becoming one of the many faces of the MTV brand. although he didn't plan on doing television, with the success of the two shows he curr

By Jeramie L Bizzle



“Rob Dyrdek's Fantasy Factory” and “Ridiculousness” are known for their wild antics and painful video clips. Sterling “Steelo” Brim who co-stars in the two shows takes time out of his busy schedule to talk to Austin Weekly on how he came into the industry, knowing Rob and his future plans for his career.

Sterling began his career working as a producer and A&R for Atlantic/ Songbook Records where he worked with artist including Trey Songz. Prior to his success he attended Whitney Young high school, after which he received a full scholarship to Morgan State University in Baltimore. As he attended the school, he admitted that he didn't feel college was for him and he needed a change of scenery. Sterling moved out to L.A with his best friend and current room mate Micheal B Jordan who stars in the current film “Chronicle”. “

“We met when they were twelve in Chicago while shooting the film “Hardball”, now at twenty-four and twenty-five, we are now room mating together” says Brim.

Although he is known for his work on the show, Brim did not always see himself on television:

“I didn't want to do T.V at all”, says Brim. “Rob came up to me and said that they was doing a pilot for a show the next day and asked if I was interested in coming and I said sure. And the rest was history”

along with the success of his career, Steelo will be adding more talents to his resume as a voice over in a new show also by Rob Dyrdek entitle “Wild Grinders”, the show will premier on Nickelodeon NickToons April 27. In addition to the new cartoon, he will also give his hand at stand-up comedy in the near future. Sterling’s father Frank Brim coaches little league in the Austin area, and he sends out a special message to his father and the players:

“Don't Suck, LOL, just kidding, but if you be anything like I was on the field, you will be great” says Brim

You can follow Steelo on his Twitter and his facebook @SteeloBrim and catch him in season two of “Ridiculousness” and season five of “Fantasy Factory” Mondays at 9/10c on MTV Network. More information about his future stand up comedy plans coming soon as he announces the dates.