More Than 10 Free Riga Tourist Attractions and Free Things to Do in Riga, Latvia

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There are many reasonably priced tourist attractions in Riga, Latvia, a lot of them under $5, but if you really want to travel on a budget make sure you check out these things you can do for free in Riga. 

1. See the changing of the guard at Riga's Freedom Monument on the hour every hour.

2. Walk around the Riga Old Town and central market admiring the incredible architecture and the local street performers .

3. Take the Yellow Suitcase free walking tour every day at 12 noon from outside Saint Peter's Church in Riga's Old Town, just look for the guy with the yellow suitcase. The walking tour lasts about 2.5 hours and covers areas outside of Riga's Old Town, you will see the Moscow district, central market, Bastion Hill, Freedom Monument and much more. Donations are asked for at the end of the tour but not compulsory.

4. Enjoy the beautiful Riga parks which surround Riga's Old Town.

5. Enjoy the numerous street performers, the biggest "show" being outside the McDonald's in Riga's Old Town.

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6. Visit the Riga Bee store – Medus - where you can see examples of the multiple uses of honey and even sample the different kinds of honey - for free. Find the store at 1a Kalnina Street.

7. Take the glass elevator to the top floor of the Radisson Blu hotel to the Skyline Bar. You can enter the bar with it's glass walls and take a slow walk around the large bar to see the incredible Riga skyline. There is no entrance fee or requirement to buy a drink.

8. Attach alovelock to the bridge in one of Riga's parks next to the Freedom Monument to seal your love with your partner. O.K. so you will have to bring the lock from home but leaving it attached to one of Riga's bridges is free and supposedly eternal.

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9. Visit the Museum of the Occupation which is next to the House of the Three Brothers in Riga's Old Town. Entrance is free and the exhibits are labeled in English. You will get a good overview of the history of Latvia during the occupation by both the Soviets and the Nazis, there is also a detailed display explaining what a Gulag is and how the victims suffered both on their journey to the Gulag and while they were there, the display includes photos and reconstructions.

10. On every last Saturday of the month entrance to the Museum of Latvian History is free – the rest of the time it costs only 0.50Lt – situated at 3 Pils Laukums Street.

11. Visit the Latvian People's Front Museum housed in the building which once served as the offices of the popular movement. This movement and it’s members were largely responsible for spearheading the freedom of the Latvian people from Soviet rule. This insight into Latvian history can be found at 13/15 Vecpilsetas Street, free entrance from 12:00-17:00 on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday and from 14:00-19:00 on Tuesdays and 12:00-16:00 on Saturdays. The museum is closed on Mondays and Sundays.

12. Riga's Museum of War illustrates the many invasions and occupations that Latvians have had to survive over the last 100 years. Latvia has battled Swedes, Poles, Germans, Russians and Crusaders all of whom have left their mark of the country. Admission is free to this Riga tourist attraction located at 20 Smilsu Street and open 10:00-18:00.

13. The Riga Film Museum normally costs 1.5Lt but on every first Wednesday of the month entrance is free. The museum is located at 10/12 Peitavas Street.

14. Another free museum is the Museum of the Barricades of 1991 located at 3 Kramu Street and open 10:00-17:00 except for Saturdays and Sundays when they are closed. This is a multi-media museum with touch-screens, recreations and plenty of photos illustrating the events of 1991 when Latvians defended the freedom movement from a Soviet coup.

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