More information in English about Rikuzit ADD/ADHD treatment.

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This is a continuation of the article: Rikuzit: Information in English about the Israeli natural ADD/ADHD treatment, where you can find answers to other questions about Rikuzit and Rikuzit-H. As the Rikuzit website is only in Hebrew here are some answers to frequently asked questions about Rikuzik the Israeli treatment for ADD/ADHD.

Rikuzit is sold in health stores and drugstores across Israel, it is a compound herbal preparation based on Chinese medicine and is composed of natural plants only. Rikuzit contains no artificial flavoring. Parents in Israel looking for natural alternatives for the treatment of ADD/ADHD have found the Rikuzit has been effective in restoring both physical and mental balance to children suffering from ADD or ADHD. In the clinical trials conducted at Tel Hashomer hospital in Israel 70% of those participating experienced positive results.

What is the difference between Rikuzit and Rikuzit-H?Rikuzit is used in the treatment of ADD and Rikuzit-H is the treatment for ADHD.

Is Rikuzit suitable for both adults and children?Yes.

How is Rikuzit taken?A 5ml teaspoon full of the Rikuzit formula is mixed with third of a glass of juice and drunk twice a day. I have found that the formula has a strong flavor and is best disguised in fresh orange juice. The formula should not be drunk with fizzy drinks.

Is Rikuzit Kosher?Yes.

Can Rikuzit also be used to treat Torts Syndrome ticks?Yes. Rikuzit can be used in treatment of Torts Syndrome as the formula directly affects the brain's Limbic system which is the source of this disorder. A doctor should always be consulted and the treatment adjusted to suit the individual.

What is the minimum age that you can give a child Rikuzit?Children over four years old can be given Rikuzit.

Is Rikuzit safe to use?Yes, the herbs used in Rikuzit have been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Health and Rikuzit has undergone intensive clinical testing at the Pediatric ADHD and Adaptation Clinic, Sheba Medical Center, Tel Hashomer Hospital in Israel under the supervision of senior Clinical Pediatric Psychiatrist Miri Katz.

For further information about Rikuzit be sure to read this article. If you have used Rikuzit and would like to leave some feedback about your experience with it please leave a comment below. Here you can see a detailed analysis and description – in English - of the clinical trials that were conducted on Rikuzit. For the Rikuzit website in Hebrew only go here.

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Graziella Villarreal
Posted on Nov 10, 2018
Graziella Villarreal
Posted on Nov 10, 2018