Mood Changes, Psychological Disorders and Infrared Energy Waves

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Learn how Infrared Energy Waves adversely affect the mental and emotional health of yourself and those you love, and how you can avoid overexposure.

Infrared energy waves are the lower frequency waves on the light spectrum which registers in the 700 nanometer range. In all practicality, infrared energy waves create a pulse that emits a longer wave length. Moving further towards ultraviolet frequencies, the shorter the wave length. The shorter the wave length, the higher the frequency. The higher the frequency, the higher the emotional frequency pattern that resonates within the brain and mind. On the flip side, the longer the wave length, the lower the frequency. The lower the frequency, the lower the emotional frequency pattern that resonates within the brain and mind.

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In today's world in which we are inundated not only by technological advances with communications, satellites, entertainment and work environments, we are also entering an age in which multiple forms of energy waves are inundating us in our everyday lives which can be productive as well as counterproductive to our health and well being.

In a related article in which I wrote about the Piezoelectric Effect and the Pineal Gland in the Human Brain, I shared information relating to how the Calcite Micro-Crystals within the Pineal Gland are directly affected by strong pulses of Infrared Energy Waves. What this means is that because these crystals are Piezoelectric, which means they are responsive to electromagnetic frequencies, they also emit their own and by direct influence of Infrared energy waves, these crystals match and them emit parallel vibrational frequencies that directly affect mood, psychological well being and overall mental and emotional integrity.

Devices such as cell phones, computers, cell towers, and other technology and machinery usually emit tolerable Infrared energy waves. However, depending on how many devices are emitting these lower energy waves within a particular radius to the human brain and body, it can change dramatically and spike the intensity and strength of how it affects a human being.

For example, in heavily populated areas such as large cities, the ways in which Infrared energy waves affects the mental cognition and mood is much stronger than in a more rural area.

Let's take the model featured below for example that displays the calling and coverage area of a Verizon Wireless Cell service.

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The red portions show coverage areas. Now, taking that into consideration, let's hone in on the largest cities of the United States and compare census information on population as an overlay.

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The darkest red regions show the highest population in the United States. With that said, taking into account just cell phone use, the amount of Infrared energy waves that are emitted where service is available means that people in those areas are affected at a much higher rate. That's not including computers that emit low amounts of Infrared energy waves, electric heat units, wound care treatments, remote control toys for children, satellite tracking devices or industrial machinery in large manufacturing shops and many other forms of equipment that emit these waves of energy. So in this comparison, we are exclusively looking at the psychological impact these energy waves have. This does not include comparisons of carcinogens or other health related issues and stress factors that pertain to highly populated areas when looking at depression, anxiety or other mood disorders.

Cell phone service however is but a splinter to the real issue. For many decades, it has been known in our United States government that using strong pulses of Infrared Energy Waves on human beings has immediate and direct results that have grave implications which has provoked technological advances in weaponry using Electromagnetic and Infrared Energy as a tool for interrogation.

Results of stronger pulses of infrared energy waves on the brain, and especially the Calcite Micro-crystals in the Pineal Gland are:

  • Sleepiness
  • Crying
  • Agitation
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Aggression
  • Fear
  • Terror
  • Hopelessness
  • Grief
  • Apathy
  • Claustrophobia
  • And even Death

Currently we are facing an epidemic of Depression, Anxiety, Fatigue, Bi-Polar, Mood Swings, ADHD, Alzheimer's, Autism and many other seriously debilitating diagnosis' that didn't receive half the attention fifty years ago. Just exploring the genetic history of the population in our country reveals startling statistics of how these diagnosis' has skyrocketed.

The disorders go on and on. Lower moods, Depression and Anxiety alone can completely disable the normalcy and well being of a persons life. Not to mention what it  does to the entire family. This affects an ability to work, do regular tasks such as housekeeping, stress management, anger management, problem solve and much more. And in correlation, we are seeing just as much of a dramatic spike in addiction and chemical substance abuse. Self soothing and self medicating becomes a crutch for dealing with these situations but in the long run, compounds the issues and creates more distress. This has become a vicious cycle in which people are inundated by these waves of energy which cause distress, so they seek counseling or medical attention and are prescribed medications that create many other issue due to side effects that treat symptoms rather than eliminating the root cause to the real reason in which these reactions and illnesses are caused.

The damage done to the Pineal Gland is immense. But the good news is that it is recoverable. Because the Micro-Crystals are Piezoelectric, they can shift and vibrate at a higher frequency when stimulated by shorter energy wave lengths that provoke higher emotional effects.

The reason this is an important situation to look at is because the Pineal Gland and the Calcite Micro-Crystals inside do not have a blood brain barrier. The crystals and gland are not protected like the other parts of the brain so they are incredibly vulnerable and lower energy waves can directly affect sleep cycles and dreams by interrupting Melatonin production that the Pineal Gland produces. Lack of sleep, nightmares when asleep, waking early, and a general feeling of hopelessness or lack of motivation can alter absolutely everything in a persons life from their career to childcare, marriage, family connections and more.

Knowing what counteracts our quality of emotional health, we have options to help shield us from these energy waves, even if we're right smack dab in Infrared energy central.

Listed below are tips that can help defray Infrared energy waves.

  • Counteract lower vibrational energy waves by emitting higher vibrational energy waves through music and high frequency repetitive tones of audible vibrations.
  • Regular schedule of meditation with inclusive visualizations pertaining to bright colors or light that would reflect higher vibrational energy waves that could either incorporate the Chakra System or just mental imagery.
  • Limit the exposure to machinery or equipment that emits Infrared energy waves. If that is in question as to whether or not the machinery or equipment emits these waves of energy, research and ask questions to find out the truth.
  • Even in a populated area, choose a location of residence that is farthest away from cell towers, electric transformers and manufacturing or industrial districts.
  • Keep your physical body clean of toxins, pharmaceutical medications, preservatives, Petroleum based beauty products and allergens pertaining to food and diet. 
  • Test toys and equipment in the household to be sure they do not have adverse reactions on the emotional well being of yourself or the family. This would include overexposure to video games and computer time.
  • Limit overexposure to cell phone use, computer use and other household equipment that emits Infrared energy waves.
  • Some people also line their homes with Mylar infused insulation to deflect Infrared energy waves.
  • Although it's not as easily accessible, there are companies that manufacture clothing including full body suits or just under-garments that are unable to be penetrated by Infrared energy waves.
  • Dense metals also deflect Infrared such as Lead.
  • It is also said that panes of glass deflect Infrared energy waves.

Some people discover the best measure for themselves and their family is to actually relocate and move to a more remote location to limit the amount of Infrared Energy waves they encounter on a daily basis.

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