Monitor and Continue Your Lifeline with Hope

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What is your present situation. Check your lifeline today and move ahead with hope. Enjoy your everyday life!

Are you wondering why today is not like yesterday? You were so happy and smiling at people. So, what happened today? Your dear one has said some words to hurt you. You expected some things to happen today, but nothing happened. Why is that one day you feel so depressed and the other day exactly the opposite way? We have feelings and emotions. No matter how optimistic the person is, he/she feels the pain and emotions deep inside. Yet, they don’t get carried away by that while others tend to fall into the dreadful depressing pit and hardly they come out of it.

Every emotion and feeling is connected with our circumstances that we face in our mundane lives. Then why for you it takes time to come out of that depression? How do you perceive life at that stage? What is it that we ought to learn from those difficult times?

A simple illustration to instill hope in you

Have you been to the hospital and watched how ECG (Electro Cardiogram) device works? ECG, a device which is used to measure heart beat rates. There are two things that need to be noticed.

1. When ECG shows a steady line means that there is no life. He or she is dead.

There is no meaning to live a stagnant life. Overcome your stagnant life by facing all your problems be it small or big with hope.

2. When it shows a wavy pattern, then there exists a life.

Similar to the above ECG graph, our human lives are filled with ups and down. My lifeline is not the same like yours. Someone may experience a blissful season while you sail through the storms in your life. In the next season, you are very happy and that someone is facing a lot of problems. The fact is that everyone goes through difficult times. And the magnitude of the problem varies from one person to the other. Thank God when adversaries hit you as they are sent not to harm you but to mould your character.

What is suffering? Don’t see this word in a negative way. There is another side to it.

Suffer + Ring = Suffering

If you delve deeply into your suffering, you will see a ring at the end which is hope. Look at the ring of hope which is God in the midst of your suffering. Road to Holiness is hard to attain and the path is narrow. So Thank GOD each day for you are still alive in this world writing articles, commenting, eating your favorite food, traveling and doing many things.

Live your life to the fullest and do not let your life become stagnant. Keep Smiling!


Tanya Wallace
Posted on Jun 21, 2010
lisa leverton
Posted on Jun 21, 2010