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Modani vs Lumens.com vs C. Wonder: Furniture Sites Reviewed and Compared

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Modani is ideal for those who want to visit in person due to stores all over the country. Lumens.com is a more effective choice for people looking for lighting fixtures like lamps. This is because they often give out free stuff related to lights. C Wonder

In the old days you used to have to just make do with whatever furniture was available within reach of your particular location. These days there are furniture sites of all different types available all over the world. Here are a few examples of such furniture sites, including a comparison of them all.


Modani has a number of brick and mortar stores in addition to their online site. You can reach them at 1-800-606-7319 if you want to ask questions.


  • Switch Store Layout Based on Country-At the top of the site, you can click on “Canada” or “United States” based on which country’s store is the closest to you.
  • Numerous Brick and Mortar Locations-Currently, you can visit Modani in person at San Francisco, Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Atlanta, Miami, Toronto and New York City. Soon you’ll also be able to go to a brick and mortar store in Boston and D.C. as well. The site has numbers available for each individual store.
  • Virtual Tours- You can visit any particular store online and get a virtual guide to that city including specific information about where the store is, what options they have, and even information about unrelated amenities nearby like food and lodging.
  • 0% Financing-Some furniture allows you to finance it over 12 months without spending any extra money on APR. This will depend on the individual furniture, however.
  • White Glove Delivery-Depending on the store and furniture, some of them give you in-home assembly. So, they’ll actually not only send it to your door, but also assemble it for you wherever you want.


Despite the name, Lumens does provide more furniture than just light fixtures, although this is what they’re famous for.  You can call them at 877-445-4486.



  • Wide Number of Social Media Outlets-Unlike Modani that only focuses on three social media outlets, Lumens has  nearly triple that number prominently displayed. This includes Pinterest, YouTube, a personal blog and Instagram in addition to Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.
  • Free Lighting Related Gifts-There are often free lamps given out if you spend $500 or so on other furniture.
  • Free Shipping-Spend more than $50 on select orders and you’ll get free shipping. This includes any UPS or FedEx ground shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. this doesn’t include special orders or especially heavy items. Some furniture designers specifically add extra surcharges as well. But this will be listed.
  • 40% Off Lighting Furniture-There are frequent savings given to you if you make lighting purchases. This is the specialty of Lumens after all.
  • TRUSTe Privacy Certification-This seal lets you click on it to confirm that your purchases will be secure in terms of credit card information encryption.


C.Wonder is an e-commerce furniture and brick and mortar store that emphasizes its brick and mortar location. You can call them at 1-855-896-6337. The store was born in 2010 and grew to 30 stores by 2013, though it suffered some cutbacks since then. It won Accessories Council Excellence Award for the Year in 2012.


  • Charity Support-Some stores periodically offer charitable events. For example, a New Jersey store offered 10% sales to a cancer support group.
  • Numerous Northeastern Locations-These include locations in Nantucket, MA, in New Jersey and in New York.
  • Large Sales Often Available-If you jump in  quick enough, you can often benefit from huge sales due to the fact that the stores are shutting down and the merchandise will be available at other stores that don’t specialize in selling them and that will want to get rid of them quickly.

Head to Head


Examples of prices at Modani included a Movido White Bed for $1290 or an Aero White Chair for $1290 as well. The furniture tends to be a bit on the upper end.

Lumens doesn’t appear to have the same type of furniture as Modani, but their prices vary widely between a $38 Aero wall or ceiling light, and an Aero Wall Sconce that goes for over $1000.

C Wonder will be the cheapest of the bunch in terms of furniture because they are going out of business.

Overall, Modani appears to be the high end of the spectrum in terms of quality since all of their furniture is the most expensive even when it’s 50% off. Most everything you buy there will be high-end. Modani has much more of a range in its pricing since it goes from the cheapest of fixtures all the way up to high-end lighting fixtures for furniture that goes for more than $1000. C Wonder will be at the lowest end in general since they are going under and their stuff will all be on sale as a result.


Some people have expressed concern about forum spamming related to Modani though that won’t affect your individual experience directly necessarily. But it is a concern if you’re worried about a company’s advertising policies. Most of their features rely on their physical stores like the white glove delivery that comes from the store closes to you usually, for example.

Lumens.com has a live chat option available prominently right at the top of the page. This makes it easy to contact them this way immediately if this is what you want. They also have a direct email and a phone number as well. This makes them a bit more varied in terms of ways to get support than Modani, for example.  Lumens also has an A+ BBB rating which goes to show how much effort they put into making sure that complaints are resolved to the satisfaction of all parties.

C. Wonder has troubles with its e-commerce side, so many people like to focus on its New York physical locations. Apparently, this side of the business could also be shutting down. The upside is that you will likely be able to get huge deals on anything coming from C Wonder during clothing sales if there are any left. Additionally, merchandise coming from these stores that end up in other stores later on will likely also be discounted.


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