Mini Schnauzer Behavior; The Good, The Bad, The Cure

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Our Mini Schnauzer was a very sweet, lovable dog until her TYPE A personality and her sense of possesiveness took shape. She became very territorial about her property, her owners and more. She would bark uncontrollably at their approach. She often became

For the past 4 years, we have alternately enjoyed and suffered through our life as owners of a beautiful 18 lb. female schnauzer. Her name is Zosia. She has become a focal point of our lives. Zosia is the sweetest, most intelligent, loving creature on earth, 70% of the time. The other 30%, hmmm, well, let's just say, not so good.

We should have picked up a few clues about what we might expect; we obviously missed or disregarded them. Often when out on a walk, people would stop us and fawn over our little darling. Some said that they had once owned a Schnauzer. The operative word was always (had owned). They told us how much they had loved their Schnauzers and how talented their dogs were. When we asked if they would own another, the response, 90% of the time was, no. It took some time for us to realize why.

Zosia was sweet, until something changed her disposition. That something usually was the presence of another dog in her territory. She had developed this sense of possession and territorial rights which we understood was not so abnormal in Schnauzers. The degree of her possessiveness was off the charts.. The problem was that her territory kept expanding.

Her territory was once the front yard. She gradually developed this sense of imperialism that extended her perceived territory to the lots on either side of our house, to the houses across the street. It spread to a half block, a full block and soon everything with her keen field of vision, and then within her hearing range, which was quite extensive. She drove us crazy. Neighbors, who walked their dogs, gave our home a wide berth.


Judith Barton
Posted on Apr 21, 2012
Rena Sherwood
Posted on Apr 4, 2012