Mind Your Language - Some of the Funny English Spoken by Teachers

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You might have watched the famous TV series -Mind Your Language.Where a teacher tries to teach the some foreign students the basics of English language.Similarly let us say if roles are somewhat reversed- where the teacher, due to his/her limited knowledg

In India, English is not the primary language for communication and speech.But, in course of time, English has become the most common medium for education from schools to colleges(Graduate to PG).As a result, our old experienced teachers are finding it somewhat difficult to pick up the language.This causes many funny situations because, they tend to make many innocent mistakes while conversing, leading to completely out of context meaning.

Below are a few humorous instances where the miscommunication of English language led to hilarious situations, with no disrespect to our beloved teachers.I have highlighted the hilarious words in block.(English humor it is.)

1.  Once a teacher was teaching in the class and the principal was making is usual rounds of inspection in the college.Suddenly the teacher warned the class "Shh! keep quiet, the principal just passed away"

2. The teacher caught 3 naughty boys pulling pranks in the class.He threw them out of the class by shouting "Both the three of you get out of the class."

3. The other day, our lab teacher was demonstrating an experiment in the chemistry lab  where, end result was some solution turned blue in colour in a test tube.He asked the class-"So class, tell me what is the colour of this blue solution." A mischievous boy in our group shouted- "It is red."

4. One day, during the class, some of the students were watching some monkeys playing in the trees outside the window.The lecturer shouted-"Why are you watching the monkeys when I am here"

5. During a particularly cloudy and stormy weather, the teacher asked a pupil - "Close the doors of the window.The water will be  falling soon."

6. The teacher was highly frustrated with a particularly unattentive and noisy class. He shouted angrily-"Dont talk in front of my back."

7.During our school days.Our P.T(Physical training) teacher whistled and shouted - " All of you stand in a straight circle.And after again I whistle, each of you rotate the ground 3 times."

- And best one of all

8. A student gave an excuse that since he was sick previous day, he couldnot complete the assignment.The teacher shouted -"Dont lie to me.I saw you yesterday roaming and hanging with my wife in town."(Obviously he meant was- I was with my wife in town yesterday and I saw you roaming and hanging out.)

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Posted on Apr 14, 2012