Midsomer Murders - The End of an Era - Facts and Trivia.

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With the screening of it's final episode, featuring actor John Nettles, in February 2011, the British crime series Midsomer Murders comes to the ' end of an era'  when workaholic, Detective Inspector Tom Barnaby, retires from duties from the fictional Causton Constabulary, after 14 years.

The popular series, adapted for television from the novels of crime writer Caroline Graham, has screened 82 episodes from 13 series and 2 Christmas specials, since it's pilot, The Killings at Badgers Drift, was first aired on the 23rd of March 1997, for ITV Television.

The show is set in the fictional English county of Midsomer which consists of 51 fictional villages, 19 of which have the prefix Midsomer, and it's fictional county town of Causton.

The series which centres around the working and family life of a country copper and his subservient deputy, became an instant hit with viewers, despite being classed as the most technically absurd cop show on TV, as well as comically ridiculed for having the highest crime rate in Britain because of the amount of murders per show and the most over the top murder methodology.

Despite Britain leading the field in criminal DNA technology, Barnaby and his hapless crew would often be seen contaminating crime scenes with their lack of protective clothing, gloves and attention to detail.

Not forgetting that the murders are only ever committed in the most afluent of locations, with the series being filmed in and around the picturesque villages of the British Home counties - mainly Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire - with no social housing estates or degenerate criminal types sullying the British middle class idyll, with the series characters only portraying the rich and priveledged of British society.

However, the Brits loved it, and so too does the rest of the world it would seem, as Midsomer Murders has become the third biggest selling TV series overseas, for the ITV television company.

Although the beloved Tom Barnaby retires, the show will not be axed, nor even the title of Chief Inspector Barnaby, as Tom hands over the reins of his criminal expertise to his fictional cousin, Chief Inspector John Barnaby - currently working in the seaside town of Brighton - with 4 episodes already filmed and waiting to be screened during 2011, featuring British actor Neil Dudgeon, whom we have already seen in episode 2 of series 13 in The sword of Guillaume, when Tom Barnaby worked on a case at the south coast resort.

Series 14, starring Neil Dudgeon as Chief Inspector John Barnaby include the 4 episodes, Episode One, Dark Secrets, Echoes of the Dead and The Oblong Murders.


Actors Jane Wymark ( Joyce Barnaby ) John Nettles ( Tom Barnaby ) and Laura Howard ( Cully Barnaby ). 

                                               SOME MIDSOMER MURDERS TRIVIA.

Midsomer Murders, featuring John Nettles as lead detective Tom Barnaby has run for 14 years, totalling 82 episodes taken from 13 series.

Midsomer Murders is unusual for it's current series being screened many months apart, unlike most series that are screened concurrently, although repeats of the series are generally screened in the usual manner.

Despite it's popularity, only 2 Midsomer Murders Christmas Specials have been made, The Ghost of Christmas past in 2003 and Days of Misrule in 2008.

Actor John Nettles was aptly chosen for the lead character in the Midsomer series, as he had already proven his worth as a good, British copper by playing the lead role in the popular, detective series Bergerac, for ten years. ( 1981 - 1991 ).

Chief Inspector Barnaby's family life was also a strong feature of the Midsomer series, with his wife Joyce - played by actress Jane Wymark - and their daughter Cully - played by actress Laura Howard - featuring in most of the episodes.

Their daughter Cully's unusual christian name comes from a town on Lake Geneva, Switzerland, supposedly where Joyce and Tom honeymooned and Cully was conceived.

Barnaby was assisted by three hapless deputies during the shows 14 years, they were Detective Sergeant Gavin Troy played by actor Daniel Casey who starred in the first six series before being transferred to Middlesborough, Detective Sergeant Dan Scott played by actor John Hopkins who starred in series 7 and 8 who was reported as ' off sick ' at the beginning of series 9, never to return, being replaced by temporary Detective Sergeant Ben Jones, played by actor Jason Hughes, who remains to this day.

Actor Barry Jackson played the part of Barnaby's colleague and friend, pathologist George Bullard.

The Oxfordshire town of Wallingford is the set for the fictional county town of Causton.

The railway station in the Berkshire town of Twyford is the set of Causton railway station.

The Six Bells public house in Warborough, Oxfordshire is the set of The Black Swan public house in the fictional village of Badgers Drift.

The Town Hall at Henley - on - Thames, Oxfordshire, is the most filmed location on Midsomer Murders, appearing in most of it's episodes as various civic buildings.

Visit this website for a list of all the Midsomer film locations .midsomermurders.org/locationsindex and this one for an account of one of Midsomer's regular set locations. - black-park-lake-britains-most-famous-lake


John Nettles as Detective Inspector Tom Barnaby and Daniel Casey as Detective Sergeant Gavin Troy.

                                                  MIDSOMER MURDERS SERIES AND EPISODES. 


The killings at Badger's Drift. 


Written in blood.

Death of a hollow man.

Faithful unto death.

Death in disguise.


Death's shadow.

Strangler's wood.

Dead man's eleven.

Blood will out.


Death of a stranger.

Blue herrings.

Judgement day.

Beyond the grave.


Garden of death.

Destroying angel.

Electric vendetta.

Who killed Cock Robin ?

Dark Autumn.

Tainted fruit.


Market for murder. 

A worm in the bud. 

Ring out your dead. 

Murder on St Malley's day. 


A talent for life. 

Death and dreams. 

Painted in blood. 

A tale of two hamlets. 

Birds of prey. 


                                         Actor Barry Jackson, who plays pathologist George Bullard.


The Green Man.

Bad tidings.

The Fisher King.

Sins of commission.

The maid in splendour.

The Straw Woman.


Things that go bump in the night.

Dead in the water.

Orchis Fatalis.

Bantling Boy.

Second sight.

Hidden depths.

Sauce for the goose.

Midsomer rhapsody.


The house in the woods.

Dead letters.

Vixen's run.

Down among the dead men.

Four funerals and a wedding.

Country matters.

Death in chorus.

Last year's model.


Dance with the dead.

The animal within.

King's crystal.

The axeman cometh.

Death and dust.

Picture of innosence.

They sek him here.

Death in a chocolate box.


Blood wedding.

Shot at dawn.

Midsomer life.

Left for dead.

The magician's nephew.

Talking to the dead.


The dogleg murders.

The black book.

Secrets and spies.

The glitch.

Small mercies.

The creeper.

The great and the good.


Made to measure murders.

The sword of Guillaume.

Blood on the saddle.

The silent land.

Master class.

The noble art.

Not in my backyard.

Fit for murder.


                       John Nettles with actor John Hopkins who played Detective Sergeant Dan Scott.

                                                               THE MIDSOMER VILLAGES.

There have been 51 villages portrayed in the series, 19 of which have had the prefix Midsomer, the villages are: 

Aspern Tallow, Badger's Drift, Bow Clayton, Broughton, Burwood Mantle, Calham Cross, Devington, Draycott, Dunstan, Everton - Cum - Latterley, Fearn Basset, Finchmere, Fletcher's Cross, Ford Florey, Goodman's Land, Great Pelfe, Haddington, Little Upton, Little Worthy, Lower Warden, Luxton Deeping, Malham Bridge, Malham Cross, March Magna, Marsh Wood, Martyr Warren, Midsomer Barton, Midsomer Chettham, Midsomer Deverel, Midsomer Florey, Midsomer Holm, Midsomer Magna, Midsomer Malham, Midsomer Mallow, Midsomer Market, Midsomer Mere, Midsomer Morchard, Midsomer Morton, Midsomer Newton, Midsomer Parva, Midsomer Priors, Midsomer Sonning, Midsomer St Michael, Midsomer Wellow, Midsomer Worthy, Milton Cross, Monk's Barton, Morton Fendle, Morton Shallows, Newton Magna, Upper Warden.  


                                    Actor Jason Hughes who plays Detective Sergeant Ben Jones. 







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