Michael Jackson's Best Songs Ever (Free Video Download)

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Michael Jackson Pop Star Best Song music collection. Here are his 10 best video songs. Feel free to click and you will be directed to the download page.

Here is a list of Michael Jackson’s top 10 songs (video). Just visit these links (click them and the downloading will start) and feel free to download them. Hope you enjoy them all.

Hi friends. I was just sitting and wondering the list of all the Hollywood and Hollywood singers and singers from all around the globe. Many names came into my mind from the beginning and till the end of the 20th century. And what I found was the most reputed, most talented, most famous and glamorous of all of them was the one and only….MICHAEL JACKSON THE KING OF POP. Yes this is the name of the person, who was out of this world, though of Brazilian origin. You can quite easily understand it.

But the truth is always hurting; he is no more with us. But we don’t get disheartened. Do we? Therefore to remember him always I and my friend (sumobhai) did a little hard work to find THE BEST 10 SONGS OF MICHAEL JACKSON EVER. Did you like the idea?

And one thing I wish to tell is that didn’t you all likes MJ? We can never forget him, so to remember him, please, pray for him and his extraordinary art, ask lord that his soul shall always remain with us, on this planet. Please share your views and speak something about MJ in your comments. And also let others know about this article so that they also can share their views regarding MICHAEL JACKSON – THE KING OF POP.

So here’s enlisting the list of Michael Jackson’s top 10 songs (video). Just visit these links (click them )and feel free to download them.

Hope you would enjoy them all.

Billie Jean


Earth song


Don’t stop till you get enough

http://www.magma.ca/~wdesigns/Michael Jackson – Don’t Stop (Josh Wildfire Remix).mp3

Pump up the volume


Remember the time


The way you make me feel




Black or White

http://music.ka81.com/Artists/Michael Jackson/Black or white.mp3

I wanna be where you are


Rock with you

http://lifeinart.ru/files/audio/2609/michael jackson _ rock with you (dj rico club edit).mp3

An Article By: HappyChappy and SumoBhai

An Article By HappyChappy And SumoBhai

Special Thanks to Jeffery Cheung .

Regards: Factoidz


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Posted on Jan 16, 2011
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Devesh Chauhan
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