MetLife vs Aetna vs Kaiser Permanente vs Health Net: Health Insurance Compared

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Aetna is one of the options with the lowest premiums with MetLife being more middle of the road. Healthnet is a strong option for Californians and Kaiser works well for those who need to ensure the elderly. MetLife is also one of the best options for thos

Health insurance is definitely one of those things where you should make sure you do your due diligence before jumping on board with a company. Here’s a comparison of a few major companies so you can decide for yourself which ones have the features and approaches that you would want the most.


MetLife has multiple insurance options, with accident and health insurance being one of the major ones.


  • Diverse Options-This includes the Final Expense Life Insurance, for example, which gives guaranteed coverage without any questions about health or a medical exam. The policy covers those aged 45 up to age 75. It can be a good option if you can’t find coverage elsewhere.
  • Military and Diabetes-There are a few areas where MetLife does much better than other options. This includes those who have Diabetes, either type 1 or type 2. Another area is those in the military. These plans are highly affordable according to some corners.
  • Other Niches-Other areas where MetLife shines includes those with high blood pressure between 55 and 69. Reviews indicate marijuana users will find good options here as well.


Aetna works well for beginners because it helps you stay connected to information about your health with apps and nurse advisors.


  • 24/7 Nurse Access-If you have questions about anything health related, you can call the number provided on the site in order to get some help even after hours.
  • iTriage Health Info-There’s a smartphone app that allows you to get health information regardless of where you are. This includes getting answers to medical questions and maintaining all of your health information.
  • Plans for Multiple Life Stages-You can find health plans on the site that work for college graduates, those with a new baby, Medicare recipients and just about anyone else.

Kaiser Permanente


Kaiser Permanente focuses on older people for cheaper health plans and is a good choice if that’s where your focus lies.


  • TRUSTe Privacy-Kaiser is protected by TRUSTe in order to make sure that your internet data remains safe.
  • Cheap Programs for the Elderly-The site is known particularly for helping older people get health insurance at cheap rates.
  • High Member Satisfaction-The company gets strong member satisfaction in areas like the Northwest and South Atlantic.



Healthnet is focused especially on health insurance in the California region, so it makes sense for those in that are to check the company out.


  • Pay Quickly from Main Page-It’s easy to pay premiums right from the main page.
  • Thawte SSL Internet Security-You can click on this link right from the main site in order to make sure that the Internet is safe on the day where you click it.
  • High Consumer Reports Score-This is at 78 out of 100, which is fairly good overall. The only low areas were consumer satisfaction and treatment. The prevention care got a good rating.

Head to Head

Reviews and Pricing

MetLife has an A+ rating from A.M. Best, AA- from S & P, AA- from Fitch, and generally good ratings from the official places. The consumer reviews are middle of the road with a bit over 3.5 from over 11 reviews at some places. Price comparisons include a 40-year-old man who has good health who can look to plan over $400 for a 20-year term which is a good $50 or more higher than other options.

Aetna is known for having some of the lowest premiums in the business. If you’re looking for bargain healthcare costs, then Aetna compares favorably to MetLife, which is known for being more expensive for sure, for example. The reviews are middle of the road, generally.

Kaiser Permanente is known for being middle of the road premiums. In particular, the insurance that it offers older people is known for being particularly economical. This means it’s somewhere in the middle between Aetna and MetLife in terms of cost. Reviews are positive enough

Pricing at HealthNet is considered fairly good for those that have access, including especially in California. HealthNet definitely gets some rough reviews online, with complaints going into customer service and information problems. This is in contrast with Aetna in particular, which is supposed to be pretty good in this department.


MetLife has a wide number of options for insurance including Term Life, Universal Life, Final Expense, Whole Life and others. It’s a good option if you want lots of options. This especially includes many different niche options like those who use marijuana medically or those in the military.

Aetna is an effective option for those that are just starting out and want insurance that’s both low-cost and that has a way of answering all of your questions about it. Those who are often confused about health insurance will like their app and their nurse agents, especially in comparison to MetLife, for example.

One issue with Kaiser Permanents is that you can only go with doctors in the Kaiser system, and this is only for 8 states. So, if you’re in those 8 states, then it makes a lot of sense to go with it, otherwise perhaps not as much. They do have some of the best plans available for elderly persons, however. Finding health care plans, doctors and locations is something you can do right from the main page with clearly marked links.

HealthNet has a decent portfolio of options for health insurance including a PPO, Health Maintenance Organization and the Health Savings Account option for insurance. There have been some controversies connected to the site including a network data breach in 2011 and CMS suspension issues in 2010.The site is easy to use and you can get to where you want to go quickly through the easy to follow links.

Overall, the main issue with HealthNet is that it seems to be focused fairly strongly on California, although it does appear to do business elsewhere, such as Connecticut, on occasion. Outside of California, the best service in terms of features will depend on your situation, such as niches like diabetes, the military, pure lowest cost, or the elderly.