Methods to Improve Your Metabolism

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Make your workout work for you. Optimize the metabolic results of each workout with proper fueling and scheduling.

If you have a healthy diet full of juicy fruits and vegetables and you've done all you can to lose weight without success, then your metabolism may be the culprit. If your metabolism just muddles along no matter how much you exercise or how many calories you cut, then it needs a natural jump start.

Your metabolism is like a car engine. Giving it more or less gas doesn't make it run better. Gunning the engine or taking it for long drives won't necessarily make it run better, either. Taking your metabolism for a timely tune-up is the ticket to revving up your RPM's and making your engine run faster.

The time of day that you schedule your workout determines how much you burn the rest of the day. Do your exercises at dawn, and your metabolism will stay higher the rest of the day. Conversely, it might be hard to sleep at night if you exercise in the evening, because your just recently revved your engine.

The way you workout also affects your metabolism. Simply taking a stroll is like an engine idling while waiting for a light to turn green. Going for a paced run is like cruising down the freeway at 55 mph. Interval training and weight lifting are both like racing the car next to you every time the light turns green. Which one burns more fuel? Which one is harder on your metabolism? While you don't want to be hard on your car, you need to take your metabolism to the races.

Caffeine is also a relatively natural way to boost energy levels and, therefore, in the end your metabolism. The little tubes (T-tubules) that carry oxygen and fuel deeper into your muscles open wider when you have caffeine in your system. When your T-tubules are dilated, you can flex harder and you don't fatigue as fast. This doesn't mean it is okay to start slurping soda as an energy drink, but a little coffee with some calcium-rich cream (which is also good for muscle function) will enhance your workouts.

Don't drink that coffee on an empty stomach, though. Your engine won't run without fuel, and the best fuel for a hard workout is a blend of protein and carbohydrates. Try eating a slice of whole-grain toast with peanut butter or an egg about an hour before you take on the treadmill. The more fuel you have, the harder you can work. The harder you work, the more you burn now and later. The earlier you workout, the more you burn throughout the rest of the day.


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