Messages for Baby Shower Cakes: What to Write on Baby Shower Cake

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Messages for Baby Shower Cakes: What to write on Baby Shower Cake! If you trying to find a message for baby shower cake then you have reached the right spot. In this article you will find an excellent list of baby shower cake messages to choose from. So d

Generally, picking up the perfect messages and words for the baby shower occasion is not an easy task. So to make this task a bit easy for you here are some sample messages for baby shower cakes. Read on to find the perfect congratulatory message for baby shower cake.

Along with the entire whole set of baby shower gift preparation, from organizing programs and games and as well as with the number of visitors and the venue decoration, it may possibly be the icing on the cake that may well speak the congratulatory message for the baby shower. 

Usually, the baby shower cakes are frequently designed with nice icing on it, to keep the occasion in the mood. Cakes are cool with famous and most-favorite cartoon characters or perhaps a cute smiling star. But bear in mind, that even though how cute and colorful your cake is, if there are no good words of congratulatory messages, it will be nothing. So simply  pick up your best messages for baby shower cakes from this amazing list right

1 Little angel coming soon!

2 Mom and Dad are waiting for you!

3 Can’t stop thinking only about you! We love you baby!

4 All for you my little angel! Happy baby shower!!!

5 Waiting and longing for our little bundle of joy!

6 God bless you our dear precious child!

7 I love you baby! All the best for you!

8 How we wonder who you are? Our little baby boy or baby girl! 

9 A cute baby (girl/boy) is coming to arrive soon!

10 Welcome my baby! Mom and Dad love you so much!

11 See you soon baby! Happy baby shower!

12 This cake is so adorable and so as my baby too!

13 A cute cake for a cute baby who is arriving soon!

14 All the love and care for our dear baby!  

15 Baby in tummy, soon you will be playing with your mommy. God bless!

16 Goodbye Tummy and Hi to the new Mommy.

17 Pink or Blue, We Love you !

18 Peek a boo ! Guess who? 

Baby shower party is a very important occasion because it is most certainly a celebration that welcomes a new life and that is a baby that is on the way.

Considering that you have got these great awesome collections of messages for baby shower cakes, seeking out for baby shower cake messages isn’t that hard anymore. Just choose the perfect congratulatory baby shower message and let the baby shower cake speak how happy and excited you are for the baby to come. 

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Posted on Jan 29, 2014