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Men's Wedding Bands: Which Metal Is Best For You?

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How to choose a metal for a wedding band that is good for your lifestyle.

Choosing a wedding ring for a man can be a bit of a daunting task. Finding one that works for you can take some thought and research, but once you know what will work for you, finding a ring becomes a lot easier. One of the big questions to ask yourself when trying to determine which wedding band to get is: “Which metal should I choose?” To answer that, you need to asses your lifestyle and see which one would suit you best. Will you be able to wear your ring while you work? Do you work with your hands regularly? Will you be able to wear your ring every day? The type of metal you choose is actually more important than you think and can greatly affect the look and integrity of your ring over time, as well as make a difference in an emergency situation. The common metals used for men’s wedding bands are: gold, titanium, tungsten and platinum. All of the metals have different characteristics and not every one will be a good choice for you depending on your lifestyle. Make sure you do your research to ensure that you pick a ring that best suits you.


Gold is generally the go to choice for wedding bands (both men’s and women’s). There are many different carat and color combinations that make the options that are available to you pretty vast. Gold wedding bands are ideal for those who have a lifestyle that permits them to wear their band regularly. It is a durable metal that won’t bend or lose its shape over time. Even though it is durable, gold bands are prone to scratches and do need to be maintained regularly to keep them looking their best. In the event of an emergency, gold bands can be cut off if need be.


Titanium wedding bands for men are actually quite popular. They possess a silvery white color that is very appealing and clean looking. Titanium is the strongest naturally occurring metal which means that the band itself would be very durable, but don’t let the strength of the metal fool you. Even though it is about three times the strength of steel, it remains a relatively light weight metal and won’t have a heavy feel when worn. Because the metal is so strong, it is more resistant to scratches and bending than most other rings (gold, silver, etc). Another highlight of a titanium band is that the metal in its pure form is hypoallergenic, which means that just about anyone can wear the metal without worrying about a negative skin reaction. One downside to these bands though, is that due to its inability to be soldered, titanium wedding bands generally cannot be resized. Although it is tougher to cut through than other metals, titanium can be removed in an emergency situation as long as it is 100% titanium. If it is of aircraft grade, it normally cannot be removed, so please choose wisely.


Tungsten carbide rings are becoming increasingly more popular for men’s wedding bands these days. Tungsten is hard and sturdy and highly scratch resistant which is very appealing to men who work with their hands and want to wear their rings while doing so. It has an appealing color that is similar to both white gold and titanium, but costs significantly less which is a major selling point for those who want a really nice band but don’t want to pay the high price (like with gold or platinum). Another great attribute to Tungsten rings is that they almost never need to be polished because they tend to retain a constant “like new” polished look. Like titanium rings, tungsten rings cannot be resized due to the inability to be soldered. Tungsten is a heavy feeling metal, but is soft enough to be removed in an emergency.


The options available for men’s bands in platinum is actually very limited and are not chosen as often as the metal of choice for bands. Platinum is a white metal that is extremely long lasting and maintains its white color, so it generally does not need to be plated like gold rings do. Due to the fact that platinum is such an expensive metal (it is about double the price of a gold band), it is not chosen as often. It is a heavy, dense metal and can be cut off if needed.

There are many different metal options available to you when choosing a wedding band. Just be sure to assess your lifestyle and find one that will work for you. Congratulations and good luck to you on finding your perfect band!



C. Mett
Posted on Feb 24, 2011
Posted on Feb 24, 2011
Posted on Feb 17, 2011

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