Men's Clothing Tips: How to Make Your Shoulders Look Bigger

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This article looks at men's clothing tips that can help make shoulders look bigger.

Broad shoulders are often considered a highly desirable trait in a man. If you want to make yours look bigger, there are several clothing tips that can help.

Six clothing tips to make your shoulders look bigger:

1. Wear a structured jacket

One of the quickest and easiest ways to make your shoulders look bigger is to wear a structured jacket. This is because they have shoulder pads that sharpen up the shoulders.  There are jackets to suit many occasions from casual through to formal. Try a denim, suede, or leather jacket for a casual look, or suiting style jackets for more formal events.

2. Add shoulder pads to everything

As mentioned above shoulder pads help give a sharper look to your shoulder line. If you are handy with a needle you can add subtle shoulder pads to all different sorts of tops from; t-shirts through to knits and business shirts. Many tailors or seamstresses also provide this alteration service.

3. Choose wide ties with horizontal stripes

A tie generally draws the eye in and down and this can have a minimizing effect on the shoulder line. Therefore if you need to wear a tie, it is a good idea to choose wide styles that feature horizontal stripes, because they will help to counteract this problem. It is also beneficial to choose styles that end a few inches higher than your waistband.

4. Wear shirts with feature chest pockets

Pockets at the chest can help to make your upper body look bigger. You will find many shirts that feature pockets on both sides of the chest, the best feature extra details like rivets and tabs.

5. Wear shirts with rolled up sleeves

Shirts that feature sleeves rolled up at the bicep, can also make the upper body look bigger. Recently shirts with convertible sleeves that can be rolled up and secured with a tab closure have become very popular. The other option is to simply roll up the sleeves of a favorite long sleeve shirt.

6. Look for tops with horizontal stripes

Horizontal stripes can make your shoulders look bigger, because they cause the eye to stretch out and therefore you get viewed as slightly wider. In particular look for widely spaced stripes and shirts that feature contrasting colors between the stripes. When the stripes are spaced close together they do not tend to have as much of a widening effect.

Aside from these clothing tips, remember that a good strength training program can help to make your shoulders look bigger naturally. Look into exercises like shoulder presses, upright rows, and lateral raises.

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