Men's Clothing: How to Dress Like Nate Archibald from Gossip Girl

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Each star on the television drama show Gossip Girl has a well-defined dress sense. This means the show can provide great inspiration in the how to dress department, as you are likely to find someone that has a look you’d like to emulate. This artic

Nathaniel Archibald, known as Nate, is played by actor Chace Crawford. Nate is used to the high life on the Upper East Side of New York; however he has also had a few knocks that have given him a different perspective or two. For example, at one point his dad lost their family fortune and went to jail. He is therefore not an elitist snob and his dress sense reflects this. So although he looks completely at home in a tux, he also looks at ease in more casual attire.

Nate’s attire sits somewhere in between the dandy look of Chuck Bass, and the downtown cool look of Dan Humphrey.  Let’s take a look at how to achieve a Nate Archibald inspired look.

Five ways to look like Nate Archibald:

1. Keep your look a little undone

Take a look at the Gossip Girl promotional photo below. Note how Nate’s shirt is un-tucked and his sleeves are pushed up. He often wears the formal attire associated with his lifestyle, but many of his looks are a little undone like this. For example, you often see him with his tie looser around his neck, rather than high and tightly knotted.

2. Wear a suit without a tie

Following on from the last tip, Nate is often shown wearing a suit without a tie. In addition he often leaves a button or two on his shirt undone.

3. Buy some classic check shirts

Like Dan, Nate often wears check shirts that help give him a wholesome appearance. Check shirts are a classic likeable look on a man. Choose styles that are in colors that suit your skin tone and hair color and they will help you create an attractive appearance.

4. Layer a shirt or T-shirt under a sweater

Many of Nate’s looks involve layering. Try layering a collared shirt or T-shirt under a v neck sweater for a pulled together look like Nate. This can be paired with jeans or business style pants. Nate also wears sweaters alone under a jacket.

5. Grow your hair a little longer

Nate’s hair never looks truly unruly, but it is typically a little longer than many men’s styles and this allows for flexibility in how he styles his hair. He has worn his hair brushed down onto his forehead, combed back with volume almost James dean like, spiked and tousled. Consider keeping your hair a little longer allowing you to change your hair to suit different looks and occasions. 

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