Megan Fox is Replaced in New Transformers 3 Movie

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Megan Fox is replaced by Michael Ban in the new Transformers 3 movie.

Okay, so I'm sure I'm not alone when I say that I'm highly anticipating the new Transformers 3 movie coming out soon.  Every thing seems perfect from the more intense plot behind the Decepticons taking over the planet, to Michael Bay replacing Megan Fox with a Victoria Secret model.  Wait, hold on just a second, Michael Bay is replacing Megan Fox with a Victoria Secret model.  Yes, it's true.  A rumor surfaced that Megan Fox was replaced by Victoria Secret model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley (according to; back in May of 2010.  However, even now in 2011 that rumor has become more physical.  

In any case, at this point there seems to be no information about the return of Megan Fox at all.  This may actually turn out badly for those fans that are ademit on keeping the original cast.  And yes, it's not like they're taking out Shiah Labouf or a "major-major" actor in the movie, but if you take Bonnie away from Clyde (the infomous Bonnie and Clyde robbers) or if you take Chi-Chi away from Goku (Dragon Ball Z) and replace them both with other people, the effect just isn't the same because you've gotten so used to the original characters.  

[Rosie Huntington-Whiteley shown below]

Megan Fox was an important actoress in the series, and should not have been replaced because she and Shiah didn't get along very well.  Even still, of course every employee has their right to quit as they please, but when Megan Fox went on to work on a movies like "Jennifers Body", though she got paid $5,000,000 for starring in it, there just isn't much to say about her career at this point (you know, considering "Jeniffers Body" wasn't a very good movie).   

Although, that's not to say that she won't get back into the lime-light anytime soon.  Well, that is to say - "If another, more sexy female doesn't come along to take her place".  But my point is this, if it was possible for Megan Fox to become globally known because of Transformers, Michael Bay, and the different modeling gigs that she did; don't you guys think that it is just as possible for another girl to come along and take her place.  For example, this new actress that will be replacing her in the new Transformers 3 Film - The Dark of the Moon (Rosie Huntington-Whiteley - as listed above).    

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yinqian lin
Posted on May 18, 2011