Meaning of Roses by Color

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The rose has been a symbol of love, beauty, even war and politics from decades. Roses show emotions, friendship or love for others and express your appreciation or feeling when you give it to someone as a gift. There are occassions when we need to expres

The rose has been a symbol of love, beauty, even war and politics from decades. Roses show emotions, friendship or love for others and express your appreciation or feeling when you give it to someone as a gift. There are occasions when we need to express our care, love and emotions to others by giving a single or bunch of flowers at birthdays, anniversaries, new born, friendship and special days like valentine day, friendship day etc etc. Roses are available in many colors and every color has its own meaning, so discover the world of different colors of roses.

The variety, color and even number of Roses carry symbolic meanings. The Rose is most popularly known as the flower of love, particularly Red Rose. Roses have been the most popular choice of flowers as a gift in all corners of the world. They are also used to decor home and office.  A bunch of roses or even a single rose works wonders aesthetically and considerably enlivens a place.

Roses are known as ornamental plants grown for their flowers in the garden and sometimes indoors. The rose flower is, alongside water lilies, the oldest flowers ever known to mankind. The rose flower, especially the pink rose flower, was painted in the cavemen’s caves in the Stone Age. Roses were considered the most sacred flowers in ancient Egypt and were used as offerings for the Goddess Isis. Roses have also been found in Egyptian tombs, where they were formed into funeral wreaths.

The rose flower was loved and evoked by numerous artists, writers and singers. Shakespeare mentioned it no less than 80 times in his entire life work and Oscar Wilde revived the Persian red rose flower legend in its short story: The Happy Prince. The legend says the red rose flower appeared when a nightingale, which was in love with the white rose flower, hurried and embraced her, sticking its heart into the rose’s thorns. The white rose flower was stained with the nightingale’s blood, becoming a beautiful red rose flower.

Meaning of rose colors:                             

1. Red Roses: Love & affection, Romantic & Abiding Love, True Love, I Love You, Desire, Courage & Passion, Congratulations, Job Well Done, Respect &  Appreciation, Honest Beauty, Courage & Passion, Bliss to Marriage

(Meaning: Dark Rose, Deep passion, Readiness for a commitment, Unconscious beauty, Dying love)

The red rose is by excellence the Lovers’ Rose, being associated with the blood and the heart since the Ancient Greek and Roman Empires. From the light red, to cardinal or deep red, these red flowers are a metaphor of love, passion and romance. Being used in wedding ceremonies to symbolize an eternal bond, this red flower conveys a message of “first love” (rosebud) or “I’m still in love with you” (open rose).                                                                                          

2. Coral Roses: Coral roses speak of desire and passion.

3. Lilac or Lavender Roses (Meaning: Love/Enchantment at first sight, Regal majesty and splendor, Wonder & Impossibility)

Lilac roses reveal love at first sight or enchantment.                       

4. Orange Roses: Meaning: Fascination, Passion & Desire, Enthusiasm & Energe, Pride, "I am so proud of you"

Orange roses communicate desire, enthusiasm and fascination. They make an excellent choice for a new relationship that you wish to pursue further.

5. Peach Roses: Meaning: Modesty, Closing of a new deal, Great cheer, Sincerity & Genuineness, Sympathy, Gratitude and Thankfulness

Ranging from light peach tones to papaya shades, the peach rose is a symbol of sincerity, gratitude, friendship and appreciation. Peach roses are used to send out messages such as “closing the deal”, “Thank you” or “Let’s get together”. Peach roses express gratitude, appreciation, admiration or sympathy. A pale peach rose symbolizes modesty.                                    

6. Pink Roses: Meaning: Appreciation & Recognition, "Thank You", Gratitude, Admiration           

In general, pink roses conveys sweetness, elegance, grace, (being associated to poetic romance) gentility, happiness and express appreciation and gratitude. Pink roses are the oldest known roses in the world, being depicted in early paintings.  The most popular varieties of pink roses are: “Panache”, “Tarentella”, “Venus”, “Hot Lips” and “High & Royal”.

7. Pale Pink Roses: Meaning: Grace & Elegance, Admiration for beauty and refinement, Sweetness.

  - Pale pink roses connote grace, joy, gentility and gratitude.

  - Light Pink Roses (Meaning: Gentleness, Joy & Grace, Admiration, Sympathy & Gentleness, Harmony & Warmth)

Light pink roses suggest happiness and fun. Like all pink roses, they also convey admiration and appreciation.

  - Deep Pink Roses: Deep pink roses say "Thank you". They also express appreciation, admiration, sincerity and sympathy.

8. White Rose: Meaning: Purity & Innocence, Reverence & Humility, Heavenly & Honor, Everlasting love, Marriages and New Beginnings, I am worthy of you, Beauty & Youthfulness, Remembrance)

Second only to red roses in popularity, white roses symbolize truth and innocence. They also represent silence, secrecy, reverence, humility, youthfulness and charm. The blooming bud of this white flower symbolizes a girl too young to love. Traditionally used as wedding flowers, these white flowers are a token of virtue, pure love, unity, envisioning new beginnings.

You can use them to say, "You're heavenly", "I miss you" and "I’m worthy of you". A white rosebud symbolizes girlhood.

9. Yellow Roses: Meaning: Friendship and "I care", Unbridled joy, Promise of a new beginning, Gladness, Delight, Warmth, Good Luck, Welcome Back, Remember Me, Dying Love

In modern days’ floriography, this yellow flower, which comes in various shades of yellow, symbolizes new beginnings. Yellow roses symbolize friendship and freedom, so are not specifically romantic roses. They convey congratulations, joy, gladness and delight. But they also promise a new beginning, say "Welcome back" and "Remember me", and can convey jealousy and caring. Yellow roses with red tips convey friendship and falling in love. The Yellow Rose in Germanic culture is a sign of infidelity and jealousy.

Golden Rose: Friendship and "I care", Unbridled joy, Promise of a new beginning, Gladness, Delight, Warmth, Good Luck, Welcome Back, Remember Me, Dying Love                                                

10. Blue Rose: Meaning: Mystery & Ambiguity, The impossible or The unattainable, "You are extraordinarily wonderful", Mysterious beginnings of new things.

Although blue roses are not a product of nature, mankind has come close to obtaining a truly blue rose: the “Blue Moon”. Either obtained by tainting white roses with blue pigment, or as a result of hybridization techniques, these blue flowers are a symbol of mystery and of attaining the impossible. Blue roses are said to convey a message of eternal youth and of wish fulfillment.

Turquoise: Meaning: Calm, Fertility, Abundance and Bounty, Constant rejuvenation of spirit, Self-respect and Well being.

11. Brown Rose: Brown roses come in a wide range of shades, varying from café au lait to ice tea. This brown flower is especially suited for men, being the perfect way to tell a man you love him.

12. Purple Rose: Meaning: Enchantment & Magnetism, Opulence & Majesty )                 

The purple rose, a majestic and royal symbol, signifies enchantment and love at first sight or maternal/paternal love. Result of hybridization, this purple flower comes in a variety of purple shades and it is said to be the most fragrant species of roses.

13. Black Rose: Meanings: Farewell & Sorrow, Loss & Mortality, Death of Old habits, Begining of new things or journey, Courage & Resistance, Halloween

Although true black roses do not exist in nature, some of the darkest shades of burgundy roses or midnight purple roses appear to the eye as being black. This black flower is a token of tragic love and death, but it also represents devotion and strength, conveying a message of “farewell”.

- Dead Roses: Dead roses in any color convey "It's over!"

Combining Rose Colors

New meanings arise when you combine two rose colors. Here are just a few examples:

Red and Yellow Roses: Expresses happiness and celebration

Red and White Roses: Symbolizes unity or an engagement

White and Yellow Roses: Symbolizes harmony

Additional Rose Symbols

A bouquet of blooming roses in any color conveys gratitude and symbolizes beauty and perfection. Or you can opt for sending a message with a single rose.

  • Single Red Rose: "I love you"
  • Single Rose In Any Color: "Thank you"
  • Two Roses Entwined: "Marry me"
  • A Thornless Rose: "It was love at first sight"
  • Tea Roses: "I'll always remember you"
  • A Rosebud In Any Color: Symbolizes youth and beauty

So no matter what your situation, there is a rose color or combination that will express what you want to say. Valentine’s Day is a perfect occasion to declare your intentions, remind someone how much you care, or express your appreciation of a friendship.

For more details of meaning of each color rose flower:  Rose For Love

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