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Match.com Gay Dating vs. Chemistry.com Gay Dating

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Datings sites for the gay and lesbian community, both Chemistry.com Gay and Match.com Gay offer free personality tests and free trial membership for both homosexuals and hetrosexuals.

Finding a partner whether you are homosexual or hetrosexual is not easy, especially when you are shy, but for the gay and lesbian community it is even harder. They need to know where to go to meet the right people and there is not always a gay bar or club in every town.

So websites like this are a boon because they can openly seek someone who share their sexual preferences and go on several dates. It gives them the chance to find their soulmate with the help of both Chemistry Gay and Match.com.

Both sites offer free personality tests and free trial membership. Match.com Gay has the 6-month Guarantee programme where you can get 6 months free if you don't find love within the first 6 months.

Chemistry Gay goes through every profile carefully before accepting applicants for membership and they organise unique activities which encourage members to flirt with each other, getting to know one another before they actually meet.

Match.com has an anonymous email facility enabling members to develop relationships at their own pace, but it appears they do this on their own without help apart from the email service.


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