Marvel Ultimate Alliance (PS2 / XBOX) - Play As Colossus and Moon Knight W/ MODs

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Here is video on how to unlock both Colossus and Moon knight for the last gen consoles(PS2/Xbox). No MODS Necessary. Marvel Ultimate alliance review
Things you will need: Marvel Ultimate Alliance game , either Xbox or PS2; NO MODS NECESSARY

Step#1: Go to any shield simulator w/ 4 members on your team

Step#2: Pick the Crimson Dynamo mission and you will enter character selection screen

Step#3: Remove all team members and go back to mission selection screen

Step#4: Select Crimson Dynamo mission again

Step#5: This time there will (1-3) random characters and (1-3) empty spots. One empty spot will say either Moon Knight or Colossus. Press start and you can play as them.......


Here is a short review of Marvel Ultimate Alliance(PS2/Xbox/PS3/Xbox360)

Ever since the first X-Men Legends was released, every comic book fan's ultimate dream was to see all their favorite Marvel characters in a single game. And for the most part that dream has come true with Marvel Ultimate Alliance, which features more than 20 Marvel superheroes. Some of these superheroes include fan-favorites like Wolverine/Deadpool and never before seen in a video game heroes such as Doctor Strange. This game follows closely with the style of X-Men Legends 1&2 games with similar leveling up and customization. However many things are rebuilt and new concepts included in this newest installment of the series.

       Story-wise this game has a decent story. Basically, the evil guy named Doctor Doom has assembled a group of baddies and planning on stealing absolute power from Odin, a very powerful person in the Marvel universe. To counter this Nick Fury(The director of SHIELD) assembles his own group of super individuals. In your quest to thwart the plans of the evil guys, you travel various location including underwater land of Namor and even the world of the gods, Asgard...this is a okay storyline with any enough details to keep you interested.

     In terms of game play there is a vast majority of changes made this sequel. One of the first things you will notice from Marvel Ultimate Alliance(that is if you played X-men Legends 1& 2) added ability grapple your enemies, pick-up certain items in the game to help you and different costumes featuring different advantages to your character. Also the health and energy potions from X-Men legends are replaced by blue and green orbs that  appears when enemies are defeated. Character customization for this game is not  as deep as  it's predecessors.  In my opinion gameplay is OK with grappling attacks and finishers which keeps the game play fresh. I did hate the charged up attacks each character had.

      In terms of presentation, the graphics aren't that impressive but its OK since this is a very fast-paced game. The most eye-catching details went  into game environments which are vivid and colorful...just like right out of a comic book. However the characters themselves don't look as detailed. This is OK since, you play the game from a far away perspective. The Xbox 360 and PS3 have improved graphics from PS2/Xbox/PC version such as advanced lighting and character details but older Gen versions have tolerable graphics.*

My Ratings are below :

Game play : 8.5

Graphics/Presentations: 8.0

Story :7.0

Overall: 7.8

*I own the Xbox 360/PS2/PC version

Review by:

Anton de Silva


P.S. If you are having problems with the glitch, please contact me, I will assist you. Thank you for reading !!

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Sasrika de Silva
Posted on Jul 15, 2010