Manufacturing Engineer Salary, Training & Job Requirements

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Facts and information about the salary, training, education and job requirements, skills and responsibilities of a manufacturing engineer.

In general, the primary responsibilities of manufacturing engineers are multiple, however, they are interlinked with each other in the process: they design, develop, test, and evaluate integrated systems for the purpose of managing industrial production. The process includes human work factors, inventory control, cost analysis, quality control, logistics and material flow, and production coordination. 

Responsibilities could vary according to industry, company’s structure and complexity. Overall, manufacturing engineers help in the planning and coordination of a project assigned by providing direction to the team. Aside from the basic layout of the work equipments used in the company, they develop and improve the manufacturing methods, and coordinate between related departments to ensure effective workflow and space requirement of the staff involved.

With the advances in technology, manufacturing engineers are required to keep up to date with skills and knowledge needed in technology and competency in team coordination.

Job Roles and Responsibilities of Manufacturing Engineers

As planners, developers and coordinators, they need to disseminate the work. For these roles, and depending on the enormity of the project at hand, they may be required to work odd days and/or hours, perhaps even during holidays, on certain occasion.

  • Plan, develop and disseminate the work
  • Provide instructions to staff involved in planning and design to ensure the right equipment and adequate time and space to work on the project
  • Estimate the time of production, people count, and business cost
  • In-charge of quality control of the equipment/s and ensure security and safety for everyone concern
  • Serve as human resource consultant and specialist, in choosing the right staff for the jobs

Skills and Knowledge Requirements

  • Good time manager who foresees the time allotted for the various related tasks.
  • Written and oral communication skills. The manufacturing engineer is responsible in providing valuable information to all the appropriate people to make the possible decisions.
  • Proficient in Research. There is a need to continuously research new manufacturing methods to facilitate work with introduction of new innovations or technology, if necessary, to make work more efficient.
  • Team Player. Ability to listen, communicates clearly, and works well with others.

Training, Job Requirements and Educational Qualifications of a Manufacturing Engineer

It is important to understand what the job requires, career advancement opportunities, and the potential employers required to become a manufacturing engineer

  • A bachelor’s degree in manufacturing and/or preferably in science is sufficient, although some large companies may require: (a) A master’s degree in manufacturing with three years of training with a certified institution, especially those needing competency in research (b) Advanced training in designs and/or designing software skills
  • Able to manage – for planning, implementation, execution of projects, especially new projects
  • Able to communicate with employees in various levels to understand their problems
  • Understand the fundamentals of manufacturing along with the capability to maintain necessary records
  • Available to work overtime and in stressful situations as part of the job role

Average Salary of a Manufacturing Engineer (U.S.): Roughly $82,000 per annum. The lower 10% receives $62,000, while the top 10% receives about $100,000. (within this figure)

The hiring company’s compensation is commensurate to relevant experience and qualifications. Some companies provide good benefit package designed for current needs, including health plans, career advancement and loan programs.

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